This story has scared the life out of me for years, and believe me I have heard a lot of ghost stories.. Published to amateur and expert writers at storywrite. It was a beautiful summer’s evening, West Belfast, We lived in a street close to the Falls Park. From our house you could see the playing fields and. No 91 Beechmount True Ghost Story | eBay! No 91 Beechmount True Ghost Story. NoBeechmount-True-Ghost-Story. Item Ended Photos not available for .

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To the terror of their experiences was added the frustration caused by the disbelief and cynicism with which their circumstances were viewed by many, including those in authority to whom they turned for assistance.

They had never really thought anything of it and went on with beechmount lifes. I like the thought of it, something outwith the realms of our existence, beechmounnt there is no scientific proof. This is all according to her mum and dad and she can’t remember anything of it herself.

Mar 15, Messages: They stopped bringing the child into the house at night and, oddly enough, nothing unusual ever took place again. They returned and spent a restful night in the house.

Where the College of is in York Street, Belfast, a terrific battle took place on that site many years ago in the Royalists days, and for many, many years locals described hearing the battle noises of clashing swords and thundering horse hooves all mingled with cannon fire and pitiful screams and shouted military beechmoujt. Sell one like this.

Spirits and Supernatural

Please contact me about this property. When he turned to see what it was he was forcefully pushed and fell down the stairs, he lay at the bottom of the stairs unable to move and heard laughing from the top of veechmount stairs. The priest was knocked down the stairs and as they got him out of beechmout house the laughter continued. Pacific Ocean BlueJan 14, I am interested in 91 Beechmount Parade, Belfast.

A Belfast Ghost Story

What the Bhoy Malone says has something in it. They paraded around the fringes of old Carrick Hill and the Falls threatening the Catholic residents and chanting the name of John McConnell, their new martyr and hero.

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Well, this is very widely believed and, to give credit to such claims, here is a story I once heard. Have you ever heard that if there is a child under the age of seven in a company then no harm can come from a ghost? May 4, Messages: I lifted the blankets of me and pushed my legs out of the bed and sat up. Hence the young couple used to meet secretly at a well at the top of the Loney and often if the young mans family were suspicious of his journey at night, he would leave a note for Molly under a stone by the well.

Woman snaps eerie ghosts at Coalisland haunted house – Tyrone Today the hole friggin town and county of tyrone are coming down to see it to!!!!!!!!!!

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Number 91 john skillen

This area is popular due to its host of many local amenities including shops, schools, The Royal Victoria Hospital, the M1 Motorway and offers excellent commuter links to and from Belfast City Centre serviced by the new Belfast Glider Service. On the evening of 2 Junea West Belfast family beechmohnt their lives plunged into a living nightmare.

It is said that the girl had drowned herself after hearing that the boy whom she had planned beechmoknt marry had been killed in an accident in Scotland where he had gone to work to earn the marriage money. They spoke almost us one would speak of the apparition of Our Lady at Lourdes Some years later another newlywed couple moved into the house.

Further benefits to this amazing property are Oil fired central heating and PVC double glazing throughout. Everything was going great until he started finding bruises on his body when he woke up in the morning.

Number 91 | Open Library

However, a young couple moved into an empty house in the Lower Falls in just such a fashion and on the first night as they lay in bed, they felt the bed rise into the air. Ballintoy Hero Member Posts: Apparently kids are more open minded and beechmountt than adults so its easier for them to see things like this She didn’t speak of it again for aout a month, and her parents were freaked out but thought she was over it.


Other witnesses argued that John McConnell was a totally innocent and inoffensive bystander who had in fact tried to reason with some of the befchmount about, as they saw it, their heavy handed tactics. Later, when she arrived in Coventry for the funeral, she learned to her amazement that Tom had died at 4. For many years many a person reported seeing the sad wailing figure of a young girl by the banks of the Dam. Jan 28, Messages: As half the class had failed to show up they put two classes together and the teachers told us ghost stories and had the lights of with the spots shining a little.

All I can Say now is that it will be comming soon The paranormal manifestation which visited itself upon John and Greta Skillen and their 5 children was, over the following days and weeks, to grow to such an intensity that the family were forced to flee their own home.

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Fishermen often saw the beecumount over the sea only to learn later that a boat would sink at that exact spot where they had seen the Ghostlight. She was never to get a happy ending as he killed her and then was put into prison.

Sep 20, Messages: Beechmlunt in your details below and a member of our team will get back to you. These footsteps are to be heard in Ballymurphy Road, usually about two in the morning; residents say that although the footsteps can be plainly heard, not a soul is to beecgmount seen.

Beechhmount has a fair share of ghost stories and indeed there has been enough tragic events there to merit such stories. Last edited by a moderator: GlasgowTimJan 14, It took me 15 minutes to get into town. Tell me more, sounding interresting.

The famous skeptic James Randi offers a cheque for a million dollars to anyone who can prove to have supernatural abilities, and nobody has been able to do this in about 30 years since he started offering the reward.