ACROS Fukuoka Prefectural International Hall Download PDF. Click an image to view larger version. Figures. Height: Architectural, 60 m / ft. Floors Above. Among Emilio Ambasz’ recent projects, ACROS Fukuoka – Prefectural International Hall is a most powerful synthesis of urban and park forms. Its north face. Fukuoka, Japan, was in need of a new government office building and the only available site was a large two-block park that also happened to be the last.

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Love the Earth, Plant a Roof!

The Step Garden is open to the public, accessible from two entrances on the park side but it cannot be accessed from inside the building. At the same time, the competing developers sought to maximize income potential of the large land mass.

Internatjonal the edge of the park, the building steps up, floor-by-floor, in a stratification of low, landscaped terraces. The Google Aerial view below really puts the massive scale of the greening project into perspective: Below is internationaal more formal, glass-fronted street-facing facade directed at the financial district area: We use cookies on our website.

A large “stone” like wedge at the foot of the terraced park pierces a V-shaped entrance into fuukoka building, revealing rough-hewn stone suggestive of geologic strata underlying the surface vegetation and likening the building to a massive block cut from the earth.

Each year during the famous week-long Fkuoka Taku festival, the encircling balconies inside the atrium allow for a panoramic view as the procession passes through the building, while outside the stepped garden terraces become an inviting outdoor amphitheater for the entire city.



In the scheme, a commercial developer will lease the land for sixty years and construct a building. The site, owned by the city, is the last large undeveloped plot in central Fukuoka. Nihon Sekkei Landscape Architect: The structure is steel-framed reinforced concrete, the building has 14 floors above ground and 4 floors acroz ground, and the total floor space area is 97, m2.

These pools lie directly above the central glass atrium within the building, bringing diffused light to the interior through clerestory glazing separating the pools. Nihon Sekkei Takenaka Corporation Engineer: When first constructed, there were 76 varieties totaling 37, plants.

The study found the following: The plan for Fukuoka fulfills both needs in prefecturla structure by creating an innovative agro-urban model. Each terrace floor contains an array of gardens for meditation, relaxation, and escape from the congestion of the city, while the top terrace becomes a grand belvedere, providing an incomparable view of the bay of Fukuoka and the surrounding mountains.

ACROS FUKUOKA | Emilio Ambasz | Archello

Situated in the middle of Fukuoka City, Japan, ACROS Fukuoka Prefectural International Hall is a center of international, cultural and information exchange and underneath lies over one million square feet of multipurpose space. In Septemberthe Takenaka Corporation, Kyushu University, and Nippon Institute of Technology jointly carried out a thermal environment measurement survey, proving that rooftop gardens are effective in alleviating the urban fukuokaa island phenomenon: A portion of the building’s space will be devoted to public and municipal operations; the remaining allowable space will be revenue-producing.


On the other hand, the architect was concerned about the effect of the development on adjacent Tenjin Central Parkā€”the only green open-space in that part of the city.

Below is the more formal, glass-fronted street-facing facade directed at the financial district area:. These overhanging eaves use the building design itself rather than an applied device to provide cover to pedestrians. The plan for Fukuoka fulfills both needs in one structure by creating an innovative agro-urban model. Discover More Commercial Projects.

In deriving a proposal, the competing developers sought to maximize income potential. Fukuokz south side of the Hall extends an existing park through its series of terraced gardens that climb the full height of the building, culminating at a magnificent belvedere that offers a breath-taking view of the city’s harbor.

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For centuries, Fukuoka has been a city open to the world at the crossroads of Asia. Open to the public, ACROS Fukuoka emerges like across lush green mountain and its green stepped garden exterior has become a new landmark for the city.

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