– Buy Roll of the Dice: Duryodhana’s Mahabharata (Ajaya Book 1) book online at best prices in India on Read Roll of the Dice. Book Review | Roll Of The Dice (AJAYA Epic of the Kaurava Clan – Book 1) The novel “Ajaya” is the saga that narrates the story of Mahabharata from the. Shall be launching the Malayalam edition of Ajaya: Roll of the Dice tomorrow with an esteemed panel. Do come! Details below:

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Ajaya – Roll Of The Dice | Book Review | Indian Nerve

Read this book, if you have time and patience to learn the counter-intuitive and perhaps the full truth of Mahabharatha. Duryodhana does not wish to wage war against a friendly state.

The book is engaging, it makes you want to know more and yes, it shares the other viewpoint quite well. Lord Indra living a life of a recluse with untouchables as for some reason he was no good to be a God anymore. Thr author is clearly on ths side of Duryodhana and therefore constantly tries ajqya assert that he is a great guy.

He may have fought the war, but he repeatedly had doubts,and after the war, all the Pandavas had their doubts. I am sure that when the Gita is finally discussed, it will be discussed in a more critical way rolp the ‘word of god’ which it seems to have become now. Highly recommended for all mythological fans But the Asura emperor would not leave me alone.

Ajaya – Roll Of The Dice | Book Review

You would be left in a turmoil as to what is true and how imperative it is to know the story of the vanquished. For example, Subhadra who is deeply in love with Duryodhana, begins to hate him and falls in love with Arjuna. The plot thickens as the Princes grow up together in the Hastinapura palace, always shadowed by the conflicting ambitions of their powerful mothers and bound by the strict Kshatriya code imposed by Grand Regent Bhishma. The skill of the author in bringing out the brahminical power play and caste discrimination is put forward in heart rending manner through the character of Karna.


Indraprastha Pandava’s part teh Hastinapur Kaurava’s part was no better than the current Dharavi of Mumbai Asia’s biggest slum if you already not know that. We openly accept the other perspective even on epics which have been ingrained in the common physche of the society for thousands of years And I already mentioned the legendary God Father’s line mouthed by Mama Shakuni was ajayz best of the lot.

The mark of a great epic is the ways it can be endlessly interpreted Jan 22, Srikanth rated it really liked it. Pawns of destiny in the hands of vested interests, the cousins toll their allies move inevitably towards internecine conflict and ultimate chaos. Nothing should be sacred when it comes to inquisitiveness and nothing should be above country and countrywomen and men.

Ravana is righteous in many ways, but he is also arrogant, proud and aajaya with himself. He was provoked many times by his uncle Shakuni, and because of which he was disliked by many and had built many foes around him.

You idce not know how the dice will fall. Mainly because we have always read one version of the Mahabharata and a story is not complete, unless it’s heard from all sides.

They were my heroes. The festival every year was during my school summer vacation and once I visited the place with my father during the festival.


The one request i would make is to please read this book and atleast ensure that good authors are encouraged.

Suyodhana is passionate and stubborn, to the rhe of foolhardiness. And they emerged as the heroes of history. Most important it talks from the point of view of the vanquished.

AJAYA Book I | Roll of the Dice | Anand Neelakantan

Written by Heta Gala. The story proceeds with the childhood of Suyodhana. Roll of the Dice: Not that I was always under the blind impression of the goodness of Pandavas, I somehow knew all is not what it is portrayed as, yet this book w My first book by this much praised author and I must say I totally loved it.

Ajaya is a book, once should read.

This book opened up a new dimensionand made me think and debatewhat have we been subject to all along? If this is clear, we can appreciate Ajaya and marvel at what Anand has done. It’s a Goodbye Good-riddance to Anand Neelakantan from me here.

Ajaya: Roll of the Dice – Wikipedia

For six years he haunted my dreams, walked with me, and urged me to write his version of the story. The descriptive prose is meticulous with an uncanny eye for detail.

As a kid I was wondered why people worship anti gods like Dhuryodhana, and I asked my father about that. Unfortunately, simply reversing the roles of the good and the bad IS NOT Mahabharata from the view point of the vanquished.

Feb 19, Divya Sarma rated it really liked it. In Ajaya, personally, I felt that Neelakantan has outdone himself. He repeatedly spared Pandava lives.