Latest APPSC Junior Lecturers (JL) Posts Notification we quoted this upcoming Appsc JL notification as “Mega JL Notification”. We have updated the APPSC JL Syllabus Pdf for candidate’s reference. Therefore, applicants looking for the Syllabus for the Junior Lecturer Posts can. Why this Super APPSC JL Notification is going to process? In our AP a complete of Govt Younger universities are there in that 2 lakh learners are.

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Kumar August 17, 2: Opticnal and geometrtic isomerism configuration of saturated molecues — DL and RS configuration of optically active compound-racemic — mixtures — racemisation and resolution. Modern concepts of organic reaction mechanisms — Addition, substitution and elimination reactions — simple examples and their mechanism.

APPSC JL Syllabus | Download Junior Lecturer Exam Pattern

I have pg notifivation administration from Drbraou with Normal and anamolom Secondary growth. Isotope effect — Franck — Candon Principle. Comparative account of morphology, life history, Affinities etc. Aspirants searching for Andhra Pradesh Government Jobs can use this excellent chance from this page. Constraints over organisational and managerial performance.


Dasari Keerthi September 26, 6: The written examination is for Junior Lecturer posts. Thank you and best of luck.

APPSC Junior Lecturers 4200 Posts Recruitment

Provisionally selected candidates for the post of Librarian. General account of bacteria — Characteristics, lj, ultrastructure of the cell, nutrition, reproduction, classification and importance. Kinetic theory of gases: Linkage and crossing over.

Concept of gene, laws of inheritance gene action. Sub-Engineers General Merit List. The Study of the following eight trends of the History of Urdu Literature. A general and comparative study of Furan pyrole and thiophene Ring transformations. If a candidate will obtain minimum qualifying marks then she or he will be selected. Nitroge, Metabolism and bio, synthesis of proteins Nitrogen fixation, Nitrogen cycle, Physical and biological Nitrogen assimilation Amino acid, metabolism, Biosynthesis of proteins.

Assistant Manager Final Result. Zoogeographical realms of the world. Importance of Vedic literature, political, social and economic conditions in the early and later vedic age. Sir I have qualified TS Set eligible for ap dl jobs. Morphology, anatomy, reproduction and affinities of the following genera: Apiculture and sericulture in India.

Cleavage patterns; Gastrulation and its significance in development of vertebrates; Formation and functions of Foetal membranes, Types of placenta, organisers, Regeneration, genetic control of development organogenesis of central nervous system, sense organs, heart and kidney of vertebrate embryos.


Gyan Margi Shakha 2. Harappan Civilisation — Extent, major cities, Characterstic features, social notificagion economic conditions, script, religious paractices, causes for the decline. General characters, morphology, reproduction, phylogeny, affinities etc.

Study of Evolution of Telugu literature from the early period of Modern period covering all the ages.

Chromosomes and their fine structure. List of candidates short listed for attending interview for the temporary post of Project Engineer.

APPSC Junior Lecturer Recruitment 2017 – 1502 Junior Lecturer (JL) Posts

General Account of viruses. Poorna chandra rao June 4, at 4: Polymorphism in wppsc, Metagenesis coral formation, etenophora. Follow the details in prescribed format and prepare as per the schedule. Current events of national and international importance. Entropy change in an isolated system for reversible and irrevbersible processes — Variation on entropy of a system with temperature and pressure.