The Aquarian Conspiracy has ratings and 21 reviews. Cwn_annwn_13 said: This book was published in the early s. It claimed that there was a grass. Praise. “A bible of the New Age movement.” —William Grimes, The New York Times “Marilyn Ferguson helped pull together various emerging. Marilyn Ferguson Los Angeles, California January CHAPTER The Conspiracy After the final no there comes a yes And on that yes the future of the world.

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Perhaps I’ll read it again. The strain to do the topic justice is understandable; so is the desire not to sensationalize, which is spelled out in the introduction, but the title alone does both.

Full text of “The Aquarian Conspiracy – Marilyn Ferguson ()”

How does one write a book about a worldwide revolution that is never named in the newspapers, has no figurehead, no doctrine, no hierarchy?

A belated discovery, one that causes considerable anguish, is that no one can persuade another to change. And yet we simultaneously shiver with weakness, awe, and fear before these same possibilities. Brief meetings are enough for recognition. Others, less serious, stay near the entry point, playing with the occult, drugs, consciousness-altering games.

Bearing in mind it was concerned with the s, it is quite astonishing that relevance can An interesting and fascinating read. Or we might become committed to some demanding discipline; if we were to take up meditation, we might start getting up at five in the morning or become vegetarian. I read this a few years after college shortly after it came out.

In the past we have believed promises that were broken. It is a direction more than a goal. I wish it were true.

Those who responded to the survey gave assorted accounts of how they found their allies: The Aquarian Conspiracy hasn’t run its course yet. Thank you for sharing The Sun. I do recall it echoes a concept oft repeated. After graduation from high school she earned an associate of arts degree at Mesa College now Colorado Mesa University and later attended the University of Colorado. No system promises a shift from ordinary human fragmentation to twenty-four-hours-a-day clarity. aquarizn


The Aquarian Conspiracy – Marilyn Ferguson (1981)

The would-be evangelists quickly learn that no single system works for everyone. Sports, mountain-climbing, river-running, and similar physically exhilarating activities, which cause a qualitative shift in the sense of being alive. The book finds common ground in the many threads of these sub-movements including the environment, health awareness, scientific research and, above, all, an alternative spiritual awareness to conventional religiou Following the 60s and 70s with the, anti-war demonstrations, sexual revolution, mrailyn culture, drop out culture and rock music explosion, many of the various strands of what had been the counterculture evolved to become the various strands of what was broadly termed the age of Aquarius.

True equality of the sexes comes when a psychological unity of the masculine and feminine forces of one’s own mind has been made. We choose how stark a truth we are willing to admit into consciousness, how readily we aquarkan examine contradictions in our lives and beliefs, how deeply we wish to penetrate. This can be compared to the discovery of ‘hidden pictures’ in children’s books – Nobody can talk you into seeing the hidden picture but once you have seen them you wonder how you previously missed them.

In she moved to Banning, Californianear her son and his family. Now the great social implications become apparent. The book lacks artistry but aquraian a raw power aquzrian surfaces often in the hundreds of excerpts from books, speeches, personal interviews and correspondence, crammed into pages. I’ll always have a soft spot for it; partly because it helped to make me who I am, partly to paraphrase”Lost Horizon”, because “I want to believe it,” and partly because I met the author on several occasions, and found her to be a warm and genuine person.

Marilyn Ferguson – Wikipedia

This book was published in the early s. Open Preview See a Problem?

During the earlier stages there was probably some dissonance, sharp conflict between new beliefs and old patterns. Like the troubled society struggling to remake itself with old tools and structures, the individual tries at first to improve the situation rather than change it, to reform rather than transform.


Our brains can censor what we see and hear, we can filter reality to suit our level of courage. And the methods themselves — by repeated focusing of awareness — eventually lead to the realization that there will be no ultimate answers. I read this back in the day and loved it. Arica, Theosophy, and Gurdjieffian systems, which synthesize many different mystical traditions and teach techniques msrilyn altering awareness.

The Aquarian Conspiracy

Transformation is a journey without a final destination. The Aquarian Conspiracy by Marilyn Ferguson. Some are afraid to go on at all.

Many explore subjects they had no former interest in or aptitude for in an attempt to learn something about shifts in conscious experience. Anita rated it liked it Jul 23, Only through this intensely altered state did some become fully aware of the role of consciousness in creating their everyday reality. For a great many, the trigger has been a spontaneous mystical or psychic experience, as hard to explain as it is to deny. Sounds like social engineering from the highest levels of society to me This book was published in the early s.

Offering a tribute on the website beliefnet. The people involved are everywhere; stretching across every social boundary “they are in corporations, universities and hospitals, on the faculties of schools, in factories and doctors’ offices, in state and federal agencies, on city councils and the White House staff, in state legislatures, in volunteer organisations, in virtually all arenas of policy making in the US”.

Was taken with its optimism and its interdisciplinary use of science and worldview knowledge. See 1 question about The Aquarian Conspiracy…. But there are a few. Trivia About The Aquarian Cons