This PDF was written not long after Mage: the Awakening was first published, and well before Tome of the Watchtowers. Its goal is to give. The Creative Thaumaturgy thread is awesome, but it is so long it is hard to look things up in it. You can sort by Arcana or Potency or author, etc. Midnight Entity > Mage: the Awakening > ~ Creative Thaumaturgy of the Practices and the purviews of the Arcana, I’m more comfortable.

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Turn a brick into a burst of xreative Like a flashbang or turn someones clothes into pure heat energy. Life — All living things and their processes, instinct, regeneration, biological control, evolution. My first impression is that I want to use this thread to introduce my first complete spell write-up complete aecana in I’ve mapped out all the details as opposed to general effectsand I would love criticism and discussion, but I’d also like to see your ideas, too.

Space seems like the right Arcanum for copying anything, even phenomena, to another place. The last time I bothered to get in touch with the White-Wolf Forums, I got into a discussion about which Arcana and what level a mage would be able to influence the weight of an object. However, if the effect could have varying degrees of success consider trying to calm a hurricane: Out of Character OOC: Making their own equipment heavier also provides more effective strength training.

Let’s make some Magic. It comes with practice, and in taking the example spells as a starting point rather than an exhaustive list — think of something similar to an existing spell but not quite covered? To use this power on spirits or ghosts the mage requires two dots in the appropriate Arcana. I even toyed with the idea of having a little pouch filled with brightly glowing bits.

Not all knowledge is equal; some knowledge is so detailed, requires such refinement to use, that just pulling it from the Oneiros is, while possibly not all out impossible, far too difficult for any but a true master. Each success siphons one willpower point from the subject.


Additionally, a mage with time 3 may spend an additional mana to make this thaumaturgj last an entire scene. None Each success siphons one willpower point from the subject.

I was imagining my character turning little things like screws and bolts into tiny lights, and placing them in various places on his desk it kind of resembled Bilbo’s workspace. Anyone who wishes to attack him must first breach the abode, which only he can enter at will. This can be the hardest part of the process, especially for a player.

Cost-1 mana Duration-Prolonged With prime four advanced prolonged duration can be applied Sound about right? With Death 4, the damage may be made aggravated with the expenditure of one Mana. We are starting with a clean arcanq as far as Creative Thaumaturgy goes. Of course, there afcana already be such a spell, and I never read it in the book. I’d say Practice of Patterning, obviously Vulgar in aspect Spirit — Gauntlet, Shadow, spirits, ephemera, numina. Conditions created with magic only last as long as the Duration factor cgeative the spell.

I have an idea on how to use Forces creqtive create a similar effect, but that spell would be area-target based to affect objects within said area by altering the force of gravity. Things like walking through walls, shaping clay into a statue, or transmuting one substance into another fall under this category. Two successes allows a mage to heal one lethal wound in 12 hours and one aggravated wound in a little over a day and a half to a maximum of one health level healed per turn; more severe wounds heal first.

It all seemed to come naturally: The mage can choose two targets to be the subject of the spell, and their constructs would gain a insubstantial relationship. To gain this beneft, the mage must either cast crreative spell with the required Duration or recast the spell whenever the Duration expires. The target takes damage according to how the press of years would affect them – mortals grow creatlve and infirm, vampires might get lethargic and desirous of Sleep, etc.


Mage/Creative Thaumaturgy

That sounds a bit simpler and more straight forward to me. Tass created by Making can not be made into useable items, though they may be decorative. This spell permits the necromancer to create a gazhdum by binding a ghost — sometimes voluntarily, sometimes forcibly — into an object that is somehow tied to the events of its life or creativd typically, one of its anchors.

I have all sorts of Physics going through my head, but nothing I would be comfortable translating into the Storytelling System. Their powers are invariably connected in some manner to the nature of, or the manner of death of, the ghost inhabiting them — e. This stealth is fully effective against ordinary senses, and provokes a Clash of Wills against mystical thaumatuurgy attempts. For some time, the art of making pattern-stable tass in the fallen world has been elusive, but rumors spoke of the practice.

The mage shapes non-animate digital constructs in the space accessed by the Mind 4 spell Virtual Voyage.

The Awakening 2nd Edition] Basics of Spellcasting. Thyrsus challenge their own bodies with horrible diseases.

Mage/Creative Thaumaturgy – Fallcoast

Basicaly, it counts as an awful lot of spells for the purposes of spell thauaturgy. Use the Practice descriptions and the following list as a guideline: However, when any other object tries to intersect with the insubstatiated object, it behaves as normal. Instant; Destroys Physical Object Duration: Granting automatic success or failure.

A character lacking the Death Arcanum, or one who does not wish to risk failing the roll, can activate the object by spending a point thsumaturgy Willpower. One success is needed to re-shape an object.

Retrieved from ” http: While inside this structure, the mage is protected. Each success allows the target to halve the time round down it takes to heal bashing, lethal and aggravated damage. This also applies to spells that simply increase a dice pool.

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