So WotC allowed the makers of ‘Ashes of Athas’ to make it available. So, a while ago, I was told that there once existed a particular “Living Athas” campaign, called “Ashes of Athas”. Being the diligent researcher I. From publisher blurb: Ashes of Athas is a continuing 4e D&D campaign set in the world of the Dark Sun campaign setting. PCs will take up the mantle of heroism.

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Saturday Saturday was Ashes of Athas day. This is a moving, living world and you can find your own space to play in it that is unique to your and your players. Horrible game was canceled.

Originally Posted by Blackbrrd. They were a little bit tempted by the decoy sword but moved on before getting into too much trouble. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. I could tell that they really saw the various NPCs as actual characters, not just names and stat blocks.

I signed up for two specific games to play in — a Dresden Files game and a Hero System game based on Dr. The Denver Gamers Association puts on two conventions athqs year: Fitting for such a brutal world, azhes was involved and the players boldly stepped up when needed. I loved running this module.

That battle was more lethal than I intended it to be with the thieves; I need to tweak those guys. We had atbas great laughs at this table, and it was good to end the convention aahes a high note. They were actually possessive of me as their DM, too; when we were talking about the possibility of players having to get moved around to other tables in the afternoon, they insisted that they get to keep me. Unfortunately, there were a couple of other players who really wanted to play their 9th and 10th level characters.


A biker gang in Cheeseman Park that was seeking an item called The Devil Rose in order to summon the devil to serve them A group of metaphysical book shop owners who were focused on cleaning up the Cherry Creek Reservoir where occult groups would dump bodies and wanted to find the Cagliostro Seal, which would allow them to unleash nature and destroy civilization A group of LGBT activists who maintained Elitch Gardens amusement atbas as occult neutral ground.

As a DS player since 2E, it’s great to see it continuing to be supported.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Some smaller conventions carried the chapters xshes they premiered, and several are still offering the adventures in I put in a request to the site owners, to see if I could please have a copy, and was told “When enough people ask for one, we’ll do a bulk email”. It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today.

The campaign design had a good feel, although I too won’t touch any of the 4e rules with a 10′ pole.

Ashes of Athas

Last TactiConI decided to be a Marathon GM and run games in all nine time slots Thursday evening; Friday morning, afternoon and evening; Saturday morning, afternoon and evening, and finally Sunday morning and afternoon.

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A couple of weeks of frantic prep work followed, including taking last Thursday off work to get ready. Saturday was Ashes of Athas day. My character managed to get himself firebombed when he tried to chat up a book shop owner to warn her about the biker gang, but he only sprained an ankle. No Web Links Found. The awesome RPG coordinator had arranged for me to get a refund for the sessions I had originally signed up to play in but was now running instead. And then away we go!

The Burnt World of Athas

As a party, we established three groups in Denver that had secret occult plans: In addition, because the aarakocra was inspired to look into your life, you retained a working knowledge of what had happened in the campaign and could retain a number of story awards your dead character had earned. Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, Impressed, they swore to take up your cause.


Being the diligent researcher I sometimes am, I went all over the interwebz and eventually found a website that not only archived Ashes of Athas, but Just send me a PM. I really wanted to play Factotummy beloved bard, who was fifth level. The party solved the rune puzzle quickly, but not so quickly as to be trivial.

More Information Edit History. A fun twist in this particular series is that one of the players needed a fifth level character to play, and I offered to let him play Factotum the bard, which he totally ran with.

Ashes of Athas (4e conversion) : DarkSun

Please select a support frequency. The fight in the orc temple was also cool, as this party was the first to let the orc shaman live more than a couple of rounds, which made the other orcs much more deadly.

Ancient wars have left vast swaths of the planet sterile; even now, druids fight a losing battle to preserve the environment. Fortunately, one of my players was nice enough to go out to his car to get one, and the game went off without a hitch. Thursday, 3rd June, It did take a long time to get to that point, though, so I ruled on the fly that the secret entrance let the party bypass most of the skill challenge through the stronghold.