ASTM D Standard Test Method for Static Coefficient of Friction of Polish- Coated Flooring Surfaces as Measured by the James Machine. Jan 5, The ASTM E slip resistance test standard defines the British pendulum . ASTM D is the basis of the testing of floor “waxes” (floor. Oct 31, ABIC Testing Laboratories, Inc. was authorized to test the following samples of metal floor panels for static coefficient of friction (SCOF).

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However, the three slip test devices listed above allow the user ample capability for prevention and analysis of slip and fall accidents in almost any situation. It is a static slip tester essentially a portable version of the James Machine — see below and because it suffers from a stiction problem it is not useful for wet testing.

It now has an official British standard for its use in the field — BS Link to Active This link will always route to the current Active version of the standard. D is unique among slip standards in that it provides a compliance criterion for whether a tested polish film will provide a safe walkway surface and whether the term “slip resistant” can be applied to a polish.

Testing the Safety of Polished Floors | ASTM Standardization News

Static coefficient of friction slip testing is therefore irrelevant. The use of this compliance criterion with other test methods, other test instruments, and other surfaces is improper, because they are not a part of the body of experiential data upon which the conformance criterion is based. The information below discusses these slip resistance test instruments and slip test safety standards as well as some others that have been used. Leather and other test foot materials are also available for this instrument.

It involves the Aztm Machine with a leather friction pad measuring static friction, and specifies that all testing must atsm performed dry. ASTM Standards and Tests for Coefficient of Friction Designed for applications where safety, durability, and longevity are vital for industrial and commercial environments. The meter itself provides the applied weight on a horizontal surface of the material to be tested. Skip to main content. Referenced Documents purchase separately The documents listed below are referenced within the subject standard but are not provided as part of the standard.


This unfortunately is counterproductive.

They have also been used by cruise ship companies and others outside of Australia. Currently, there is only one computerized version in production and four versions of the machine have been created since Different slip resistance test methods give different results, particularly under wet conditions.

Slip Resistance Testing Standards in 2018

The James machine was e2047 to measure the static coefficient of friction of an interface of a dried polish film in contact with a specification leather sensor. Dry slip resistance is not an indicator of wet slip resistance — in fact they often vary inversely — so valid wet adtm resistance testing is often needed. At present the BOTE, modern British pendulum tester, and Tortus are the most useful and reliable floor friction testers to aid in accident prevention. Further, this test method also establishes a compliance criterion to meet the requirement for a nonhazardous polished walkway surface.

The HPS astmm no longer commercially available. ASTM also withdrew this standard in with no replacement. The pendulum will always pass ASTM Fand here is just one published, peer-reviewed study showing it passes. ASTM withdrew this standard inwith no replacement.

The Sigler Pendulum Tester is an older version of the pendulum tester. A recent example of this measured in this laboratory was for decking and wharf planks which had a much lower SCOF along the plank length than across the plank width.

There are several reasons: Test results are usually quoted as Pendulum Test Values to avoid the confusion that results when different devices are used to give different values of coefficient of friction. astk

Slip Resistance Testing Standards in | Safety Direct America

The ANSI dynamic d20477 is sometimes used, without water, to assess dry friction. View interactively in English Spanish Chinese. Astn testing — particularly before the alleged accident and on a periodic monitoring basis traction auditing — can help establish that the floor was safe or anti-slip when dry. The average value is then used to determine if the SCOF is adequately high for a safe walking surface. The Brungraber Mark uses an angle that is set to a certain degree and a 10 pound weight is released.


SlipAlert left is a roller-coaster type tribometer that is designed to mimic the readings of the modern pendulum. The static coefficient of friction depends both upon the chemistry of the surfaces and the morphology of the surfaces. This test can be used on both wet and dry walking surfaces. Measurements can be made in accordance with the following standards, except that the contact area and the applied weight may differ:.

Unfortunately it has often been applied in this way, indicating that the floor complies with a safety standard when in fact it does not.

Despite the fact that the ADA never truly endorsed this test method, a great deal of confusion has resulted and aetm abounds amongst flooring and construction professionals about this poor test method. Many other parties benefit financially from these accidents or sale of the slippery flooring that often causes them: Inthe Tortus III became an official part of the Australian floor slip test standard AS where it is used as the primary instrument for making dry floor slip resistance readings.

Kinetic friction is between moving surfaces; it measures the friction between two surfaces moving against each other such as a book being pushed across a table s2047 a sled being dragged across the ground.

They found that if a polish produced a value of 0. This device is not patented. It was once cited by the U.