Astrology of Personality has 83 ratings and 6 reviews. Dane Rudhyar Rudhyar integrates modem concepts of psychology with elements of both Western and. The Astrology of Personality by Dane Rudhyar, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Dane Rudhyar’s Article – Sex Factors in Personality. In this It illustrates the yearly rhythm of the seasons, and the astrological zodiac is a.

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Thus, in a man’s chart, the position of both og Moon and Jupiter have to be considered, in addition to that of the Sun, which is always an indicator of the basic drive for outer self-expression and self-aggrandizement, sexually or socially.

The Astrology of Personality: Iraevie rated it really liked it May 23, Your donation contributes to the ongoing work of the Rudhyar Archival Project.

Scott Brogan rated it it was amazing Apr 27, Dec 24, Stargazer rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Countersexual Factors In a very real sense, one can say that the sex forces build, or power the building of, the child’s body. He will then seek to fill this emptiness by developing a social and Jupiterian yearning for fellowship, for being loved by his equals, for belonging to a group. I find Astrilogy difficult to read. Cuyahoga Valley Book Personallty Published: Harrie rated it it was amazing Jun 28, It is seeking this through a process of identification with some exemplar, with a catalyzing personality or life situation.

Sex Factors in Personality by Dane Rudhyar | Rudhyar Archival Project | Astrological Articles

A modern classic, as potent today as when first written in A man may join a fraternal organization — he thinks — because this would serve his outer social or business interests, his power of self-expression; but the real cause may be that his “soul” is yearning for deep social fellowship and group belonging — and this in a sense represents a kind of psychological “transference” of the infantile relationship of the boy to the mother in early childhood.


The Planets of Soul When Jupiter and Saturn are spoken of as “planets of soul,” the term satrology refers to the part of the total person which seeks ever to complement the outward-oriented, self-conscious and conscious other parts of the astroology. Head of spine lightly bumped, light bumping to top edge, faint fore-edge stain, highlighting to a few pp.

Not overstocks or remainder copy! Even if the individual rebels against the intellectual ways of thinking and the ethical, religious, and social ways of living of his family, group, or nation, this rebellion itself is conditioned by and starts from the primordial sense of “belonging” to a group. These may not seem active in a personal, conscious, and willful manner; but they are there, conditioning the psychological climate of the individual, somewhat as the sea, its currents, and its fogs condition the climate of the small island which has risen out of the water — and sometimes a tidal wave may submerge the island of consciousness!


Paperbackpages. He was born with the Sun near Jupiter just rising in Leo. Natasha Palmaer rated it it was amazing Mar 29, Rhodes Hileman rated it it was amazing Jul 25, The mother normally envelops the child with attention, care, and love.

Refresh and try again. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. But, I repeat, all such indications are subtly psychological and should hardly be considered in a superficial and quick chart analysis.

Whether this complex reaction remains in a hazy subconscious background or, on the contrary, haunts the conscious personality depends theoretically oc the planetary contacts between the father’s and the daughter’s charts. It is, thus, truly an “initiation” occurring in her inner life — an activity in which the unconscious countersexual part of the woman is the active factor.


Preview — Astrology of Personality by Dane Rudhyar. In a very real sense, one can say that the sex forces build, or power the building of, the child’s body.

Published September 1st by Aurora Press first published See Notices for full copyright statement and conditions of use. Through the winter months, the Day Force increases and the days become longer ; the Night Force decreases. Thus, when the biological soli-lunar forces whose work it is to produce an individual human organism succeed in completing their outward-oriented drive in the development of the sexual aspect of a human personality, male or female, they do so by pushing back into the unconscious the countersexual forces.

Likewise, the Sun stands in astrology for the sexual body-building power of asttrology in the male person. The planet Saturn symbolizes for the woman the figure of the solemn Hierophant who celebrates the mysterious rite of purification from or through — whichever may be the case — her sexual nature. They operate within the subconscious as daane potentially compensating factor in the inner life.

Pavel rated it off was amazing Astrolgy 28, The male body retains something of the potential female organs, and the female body displays structures related to the male set of characters. This may be because, as biologists are now realizing, life implies essentially positive and negative electrical phenomena.