Readers’ questions about Beyindeki Hayaletler – İnsan Zihninin Gizemlerine Doğru. 1 question answered. Beyindeki Hayaletler by V. S. Ramachandran, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Buy Öykücü Beyin: Beyindeki Hayaletler’in Yazarı Bir Nöroloğun Bizi İnsan Kılanın Ne Olduğuna Dair Arayışı by V. S Ramachandran, Ayşe Cankız Çevik ( ISBN.

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So I guess that means I’d say the book is interesting, good for scientific theory on how the mind works, and a worthwhile read. The woman who died laughing 25 year old man involuntarily laughing out loud at his mother funeral.

I tend to think of history in terms of journeys more than destinations. Ramachandranwho is neuroscientist shares his research beyindeoi different kind of neurological disorders.

Book’s scientific approach is interesting because many of the neurological problems would have been considered psy Popular science book on neurology.

Beyindeki Hayaletler – İnsan Zihninin — Reader Q&A

If you are a non-scientist interested in learning about neurology, I recommend this book. Pr My notes while reading the book: I feel as though VS has some very entertaining albeit speculative ideas, but perhaps has too large a scope to integrate all of his interesting ideas seamlessly. This is neglect and not blindness [lazy eyes]. It is as there are 2 different consciousnesses, one truthful and one in denial. Book’s scientific approach is interesting because many of the neurological problems would have been considered psychosis very recently.


Were so wonderful and facinating. It is a fascinating journey of a doctor who wants to find out why people who miss limbs still feel that they are there.

This affects millions of people worldwide. Remapping of brain areas.

Smiles when natural are produced by a different process basal ganglia than when told to smile or when looking at mirror motor cortex. Could this explain the reason behind foot fetishes? Paul, a textbook case of temporal lobe seizures causing religious experience delusions.

All in all, a pretty decent book.

These examples are pro-modularity. He looks at differences between the hemispheres. Virtual reality was very expensive so he had to think about another method. A lady with same laughing fit to death.

The man who mistook his foot for a penis. The filling by the brain can compensate even big loses in vision schatomaand it does it very well that it takes effort to notice it e. To test Arthur for gaze detection. Having said that, this explanation did make me a little uncomfortable. Author concludes this shows that perception is beyinxeki a single process, but several. VS instead delves a lot nayaletler into the theory, although more often than not this takes the form of wild speculations about untouched ground in neuroscience that while enjoyable for their own I’ve read a lot of Oliver Sacks before so I wanted to try one of his contemporaries.

Patient after an accident hayalletler though his parents were duplicate imposters.

Beyindeki hayaletler

Really interesting, although it went over my head a bit in the last chapter or two. The books he liked when he was young. He researches phantom limbs, where someone has a limb removed but can still feel it there.


Using a series of experiments and some fascinating case studies, he takes us into the realm of experimental neurology, where we get to learn a lot about ourselves and how our brains work. All of these are methods of self-deception.

Arama – Beyindeki Hayaletler

This happens only with right paraietal damange and not left. Normal people too have more than a personality; example from dreams where you tell yourself things you don’t know or laught wholeheartedly at jokes.

Claims to be clapping. It isn’t, both play part in us haayletler cannot be separated. Did the stroke damage the corpus colosum and therefore the left hemisphere inhibitory messages were interrupted.

Savant syndrome patients as an example. I took that as a good sign about its content. And maybe I’d be better off without it, but that doesn’t mean it’ll go away. He readily attests to formulating ideas based on one or two perfect cases, rather haayaletler looking at large group of many patients.