Camera luminoasă. Însemnări despre fotografie has ratings and reviews. Jon said: Patronizing and solipsistic as a discussion of photography. B. z. o. U J ao. b.;a. F. U J. o. U. iup’, i:i::i;! ;:t-ji: t g: r i i:: lti, i l; r ui; l:: S. ii. ii: i:i;i !i g=i i! i:ii{1, i,i ; i. ;i. ;;.:u ;.:s: g. ;rl:r ;t++ii iii. rii:i I iii. I. i’: . 3 {i.r -q iE. dr.:e. Roland Barthes Camera Luminoasa. Home · Documents; Roland Barthes Camera Luminoasa. Download Roland Barthes Camera Luminoasa.

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Although it looks nothing like the mother he knew, the mother-as-child best shows who his mother was. He also believes that photos can’t represent the true being of a person.

Really not my kind of thing to read. Patronizing and solipsistic as a discussion of photography. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Maralee rated it did not like it Mar 14, Manuel Alejandro rated it did not like it Feb 15, His main focus in this argument is his search to find a true representation of his mother after she had died.

Camera Luminoasa Roland Barthes – Free Download PDF

However, this just talks about Barthes views and thing. The punctum is the striking feature of the photo, whether rroland is an implied mood or an actual detail.


He does have some strange ideas, but I do agree that photos should not be tamed or segmented into a specific block of culture. Or am I hopelessly contemporary with the ability to only read on the surface.

So I’m not saying that this was bad just wasn’t my type of thing thats the reason for giving the book 1 star. I’ve been looking for an intellectual discourse on the nature of photography as an art; things that are found in the moment of the place, or of the artist, camrea of the viewer, use of aesthetic elements as a means of expressive language, style, approach, impact, intent, unintent, application of technical approach, so on.

Mie rated it did not like it Sep 28, I really don’t know, but a dialogue about this book would be helpful. Even back inwhat Barthes wrote of photography must have felt sepia-toned.

Camera Luminoasa Roland Barthes

Felix rated it did not like it Mar 22, Barthes’ ideas roladn a diverse range of fields and he influenced the development of schools of theory including structuralism, semiotics, social theory, design theory, anthropology, and post-structuralism.

Rloand, as the case was I must confess that I was misled when I chose to read this book for one of my independent reading classes. A must read for any Photography enthusist, but for anyone else, horrible.

Other elements of photography are not considered, and instead he marvels at the possibility that the subject of an old photo may still be alive. View all 3 comments. MRS rated it did not like it May 28, There were some interesting reflections, and I might have enjoyed the book slightly more if I had opened it with the correct background knowledge.


Camera Luminoasa Roland Barthes | Plastin Raluca –

Published by Idea first published Barthes calls for photography to remain mad with ecstasy instead of tamed in this fashion. Reflections on Photography 1 13 Jul 03, For the better luminoaza of the second half of the book when I was forcing myself to keep readingI was silently wishing that someone had told this guy about Christianity and the saving love of Jesus.

Refresh and try again. For me personally, I prefer reading interpretations of Barthes rather than his actual words. Other than the fact that the relationship he describes he and his mother had is slightly awkward, the whole argument is really best described as depressing.

Return to Book Page. Is it the translation? He so much as admits he knows not much about photography, and goes on to talk at great length about himself instead. Andi rated it did not like it Jun 03,