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It took me forever to read! Maybe I would have been shocked to discover who the murderer was, if I’d had a chance to solve the mystery, but I didn’t. However, after reading several reviews I’ve found out that my copy is genuine and hasn’t been tampered with I did not acquire the book at a shop, I bought it online at a surprisingly low price, and that somehow made me question the book’s authenticity.

I cared, however, because as I predicted that it would feature childhood abuse referred to quite often as “assault” which made me livid to say the least.


You know how people made a big deal out of Twilight, and you didn’t know why? February Reading Assignment 1 4 Feb 15, But I didn’t feel that at all in this case — this is an excellent debut, with a strong plot and with camil,a main characters who very quickly become people the reader can like and care about. This novel, I didn’t care who the killer was, because I had no leads, so it could have been anyone and I prncesa have been surprised, because I wasn’t lead to suspect anyone.

It was very important to the story. This was my first book by this author and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The mystery was suitably mysterious and I solved it just before the police did except that the solution was so horrible I did not want to believe it. She is happy to be back in the town where she grew up and barely hiell her Stockholm flat. Thought I had the whole thing figured out, but I didn’t! Quotes from La princesa de hielo. When a woman asked our main character how she is doing after discovering the body of a former friend.


Rule 2 Editorializing takes the reader right out of the book: And I had been hoping for a page-turner. No comparteixen el que descobreixen amb el lector. And I had been hoping for a page-turner. Patrik, a policeman investigating Alexandra’s case, walks without Mellberg’s consent into the crime scene with Erica, and she shows him the key. Mass Market Paperbackpages. Added to the incredible bore of the heroine, was the fact that the author has a lazy habit of generating suspense using the annoying habit of having a character discover something and then not revealing it to the reader!

She described everyone in a very wordy way which was pointless, since the characters really weren’t as she wanted them to be. The murder victim is one of the most beautiful women who has ever walked the earth, and she’s not only secretly pregnant, but had been secretly pregnant before and is that her earlier spawn lurking around her parents’ house, sulking, perhaps?

And now a list of grievances: That is insulting to the reader and I have no idea why this book was an international bestseller. A mighty bald statement, no agogs from this reader.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Lia Pissa He’s the one who broke free from what people think in contradiction with the other heroes of the book. Sadly, the book was slow and boring.

Non mi sembrava proprio il caso di continuarne la lettura. The female characters are largely dislikeable and often portrayed in a stereotypical way. Once inseparable, they drifted apart before Alex’s family abruptly moved away, and Erica feels compelled to write a novel about why the beautiful Alex would kill herself. I prepared myself to be scared and freaked out by the descriptions of horror that humans inflict on each other.


Love Nordic mysteries but this was a total boring mess. Murray did a great job in translating the book into English. Per niente coinvolgente, personaggi descritti in modo ridicolo, scontato e banale. Recomiendo este libro ampliamente.

La princesa de hielo by Camilla Läckberg (5 star ratings)

When I have access to the information, princeaa the op I feel so lackluster about this book that it’s not even worth posting a review. The detective is credited as being very clever for finding the impression of a note that’s been torn off a pad yeah, good going, Sherlock.

Sometimes those descriptions were retold, just because. The lakberg pluses were the two surprisingly likable and 3-dimensional main characters, and the vivid setting off- season at a seaside resort town. So Patrik more or less takes the case over, and we see him as a dedicated officer without any tediously maverick tendencies. The characters lacked depth and we weren’t being told enough to maintain mystery. There are blatant timeline mistakes.

La princesa de hielo (Patrik Hedström, #1) by Camilla Läckberg (1 star ratings)

I’m convinced this was romance disguised as mystery. It set all his gears in motion.

Who killed Alex and why? The writing is terrible; it looks like something out of my 8th grade creative writing class. This incident brought back into Erica live her childhood friend Patrick Hedstrom. CdC – Gruppo di l