Welcome to CaseWare® Connector. Connector is an add-in for Microsoft® Word and Microsoft® Excel® that enables you to link data between Working Papers. Our Products; CaseWare Connector. Connector. logo connector Connector is a quick and easy way to link Working Papers information into documents. Connector is an ADD-IN for Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel that enables CaseWare users to LINK DATA between Working Papers and Microsoft documents.

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A description of how you tried to solve the problem. Monitor the status of engagements from any web-enabled device. Be prepared to provide the following information:.

About CaseWare Connector

Using Connector gives you the flexibility of Excel or Word, but you maintain the integrity and automation of CaseWare.

Downloads Log in to MyCaseWare to view and download your files. Accounting Firms Corporate Government. Comments and suggestions about this article and our software are greatly appreciated. Engagement Management Track and monitor every aspect of your engagement for optimized efficiency and profitability. The type of computer hardware you are using.

Your annual financial statement numbers will tie up to your monthly management reports because you are using the same data set at all times. Be prepared to provide connrctor following information:.

Connector Management Reporting Tool

How do I send a document to an external reviewer if they do not have Connector? The Cloud-based financial statement software allows access to real-time data — anytime and anywhere —and improves productivity and client service. Contact Us Before contacting Technical Support, casewarf consult the online Help and any other documentation included with this package as your first source to solve the problem.


Enhancements for Connector Linkage To increase efficiency and save time searching through documents, you can now reference a specific page in a PDF when using the Hyperlink Reference dialog. Cwseware linkage protocols are supported with Connector to provide the best coverage and functionality available with Microsoft add-ins. For more information, see Unlinking Connector Formulas. Client portal Share files quickly and easily. Use the main categories below, the Search bar located above, or the Menu located in the top right corner to find the topics most relevant to your needs.

For more information, see Editing Links. How do I modify a Connector formula link?

You can use the Unlink command to convert links to static values. You can also use the Linkage casewars to generate appropriate links for your document. When they access financial statements on CaseWare Cloud, you will have peace of mind knowing that they’re working with the most up-to-date version — as changes made across the team automatically sync to the master copy. For a quote or more information, please fill in your details below.

We recommend combining our leading desktop financial preparation tool and Cloud platform to give your practice the edge it needs in this highly competitive market space.

You can change your cookie preferences at any time from your browser settings. Fixed an issue where selecting the Zero as Dash option would round non-zero linked values. The software version number of MS-Windows.

CaseWare Connector Help

Using Connector functions, you can create links that access the Working Papers database. Secretarial Software Auditing and Accounting. Cookies are stored on your browser to provide secure log-in, gather statistics to improve site behavior, and to show you connecor that is relevant to your region.


The product version number, found by clicking the Help menu and selecting About. Task functionality allows users to assign tasks to individuals, allowing for work progress transparency. Be prepared to provide the following information: Enjoy a caseeare document management system with built-in archiving, retention and back-up capabilities.

About CaseWare Connector

Before contacting Technical Support, please consult the online Help and any other documentation included with this package as your first connectot to solve the problem. This change connecgor certain rare errors that could occur during conversion. Follow the instructions in Connector Add-in is disabled. These factors are dependent clnnector the linkage protocol in use, where the document is saved relative to the Working Papers client file, and which client file is currently open in Working Papers.

Added the ability to link to entity names using the CaseWare Linkage dialog. Promotes mobility and flexibility The Cloud-based financial statement software allows access to real-time data — anytime and anywhere —and improves productivity and client service. Conversion Converting formulas from ProSystem fx to Working Papers is now done without using an intermediary formula format.

There are several methods for modifying or editing a link. A description of what happened and what you were doing when the problem occurred.