Cercon. The Cercon all-ceramic CAM system is introduced, and with it the first economically viable process for the production of dental zirconia crowns and. Product Description and Details for the Cercon Zirconia from Dentsply Sirona Prosthetics at Cercon ht zirconia is the next generation of Cercon technology brought to you by. DENTSPLY Prosthetics, your trusted product and service solutions provider.

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How do you rate this product?: The reliability of Cercon Zirconia restorations is backed by more than five years of proven clinical success. Lab Miscellaneous Lab Miscellaneous. High-Strength, High-Performance With no change to what dentists were required to do to effectively prescribe Cercon restorations, the material cercom technology could be quickly adopted clinically as long as dentists could locate a supporting lab.

Once the core is milled, it is sintered to final density and dimensions. A side-by-side look at some of the zirconia materials available for use in dental labs and with chairside mills.

Zigconia of the inherent advantages of Cercon restorations is that the frameworks and copings are sintered after the milling process. Several studies have been done to improve zirconia bonding but they are not reliable. The data analysis was performed by SPSS Air Polishing and Air Abrasion. Don’t have an account?

In this in vitro study, zirconia discs’ thickness was 0. Irrigants and Irrigation Devices. The clinical longevity and growth of Cercon as well as the commitment of Dentsply through its Ceramco and DeguDent divisions to continually improve and csrcon to the Cercon system and line of materials, zidconia validated not only the performance of Cercon materials and the fabrication process, but also the highly cosmetic results that can be achieved with this high-strength, allceramic system.

More than labs in North America offer Cercon Zirconia restorations and overunits have been placed since its introduction in May of However, due to its chemical stability, there is a challenge with dental bonding. All the dentist needs to do is ceercon proper preparation guidelines for all-ceramic restorations by creating a chamfer margin with rounded axio-cervical line angles, then proceeding to take a final impression that is sent to the lab as usual. Be the First to Write a Review!


Would you like to register to get more information about? The system is used to fabricate anterior or posterior single units or multi-unit bridge restorations out of translucent, biocompatible zirconia, the strongest and toughest dental ceramic. Until these high-strength, esthetic materials cerfon introduced, the inherent natural esthetics of all-ceramic restorations were primarily reserved for anterior cosmetic use and cercn units where the strength of a porcelain-fused-to-metal PFM restoration was not necessarily required.

Cercon Zirconia Dentsply Sirona Prosthetics. Any dentist can easily prescribe a Cercon restoration, evaluate the esthetics and fit, then decide if the final cosmetic result delivers on his or her expectations as well as the expectations of the patient.

Cercon Zirconia | Dentsply Sirona Prosthetics

Notify me if someone comments on my review: According to this research, plasmatic processing with dielectric barrier method in atmospheric pressure can increase zirconia bonding strength. Caries Detection Digital Equipment. Be the first to write a review!

What code is in the image: We will answer your question as soon as possible. Cylindrical Panavia f2 resin-cement and Diafill were used for microshear strength bond measurements.

Cercon Zirconia from Dentsply Sirona Prosthetics

With a flexural strength of sintered core material at MPa and a fracture resistance of over N for the finished restoration that includes the zzirconia porcelain, Cercon zirconia out-performs not only other types of all-ceramic materials with regard to strength, but also offers significant improvement over PFMs when it comes to the veneered coping and framework.

Tissue Regeneration Bone Grafting. Surface modifications were assessed by measuring the contact angle, surface roughness, and topographical evaluations.

Flexural strength and fracture toughness of dental core ceramics. The purpose of this research is to study the effect of plasma treatment on bonding strength of zirconia. The type of zirconia used by the Cercon system is yttria-stabilized tetragonal zirconia polycrystals Y-TZPwhich exhibits excellent biocompatibility and mechanical properties. Welcome to Dental Product Shopper.


Share your opinion about this product Password Incorrect. Would you recommend this product to a colleague?:. Ultrasonic Scalers Magnetorestrictive Piezoelectric. The inherent advantage of strength for all-ceramic restorations achieved with Cercon restorations is clear. In all treated groups, microshear bond strength increased, except oxygen treated plasma group which decreased this strength.

Submit a Question Thank you for your submission. This email has already been registered but not verified. The sintering process solidifies the framework and fills in any minor stress fractures that may have occurred during milling, resulting in a dense and smooth substrate. Cercon Zirconia from Dentsply Zirconiia Prosthetics.

crowns zirconia Cercon ht

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Get Quote Compare Clear All. Cercon Zirconia restorations can be placed with conventional cementation or adhesive bonding techniques. Lighting Lighting Accessories Operatory Lights. InCercon Ceram Kiss was introduced through Denstply DeguDent to provide a high-end cosmetic look while keeping the technique simple and straightforward for consistent results.

InDentsply Ceramco introduced Cercon Ceram S followed by Ceramco PFZ that offered improved esthetics by increasing the vitality of the final restoration through the use of nanotechnology. This email has already been registered.

Share this product with your colleagues. Selected Products You haven’t selected any products. The sintering process is so effective that no milling marks can be witnessed on the smooth, finished coping.