This is known as crawling of induction motor. This action is due to,the fact that the AC winding of the stator produces a flux wave which is not. It can also be reduced by using the skewed rotor. Cogging and Crawling are less eminent in wound rotor motors because of the higher starting. Induction motors will not accelerate to full speed if they cog or crawl. Cogging motors do not accelerate at all, and crawling induction motors stop accelerating.

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This can be easily overcome by making number of mohor slots more than the number of stator slots and by giving slightly skew to the rotor slots skewed.

Constructing the rotor with skewed slots and providing more or fewer rotor slots than stator slots is the remedy for both cogging and crawling. Thank you Charles Cowie. If the mechanical load on the shaft involves constant load torque, the torque developed by the motor may fall below this load torque.

Crawling and Cogging in Induction Motors

What is meant is to arrange the stack of rotor laminations so that the rotor slots are “skewed” or angled with respect to the axis of rotation. As we know that crawliny is series of slots in the stator and rotor of the induction motor. Cogging and Crawling are less eminent in wound rotor motors because of the higher starting torques.

Please clarify your specific problem or coggiing additional details to highlight exactly what you need. These characteristics are the result of improper functioning of the motor that means either motor is running at very slow speed or it is not taking the load. Thus, a locking is created between the stator and rotor teeth. This condition is known as Cogging or Magnetic locking. But generally, three constants R, L and C are considered and the Crawling Sometime the squirrel cage induction motor refuses to start particular at low voltage, it is known as crawling effect.


Induction Motor Photo Credit – www. Would you please elaborate it ckgging more details. Hence, harmonic torques are also developed in addition with fundamental torque. Yes helloworldi am the author. Now the question arises why this happens? When the number coging stator teeth is equal to number of rotor teeth, there is possible locking tendency of the stator and rotor teeth.

Cogging And Crawling of Induction Motor – Electrical Engineers Guide

Hence total motor torque has there components. The number of the stator slots equal to or an integral multiple of the rotor slots, strong alignment forces is produced between the stator and the rotor. Here we consider only 5 th and 7 th harmonics and rest are neglected. As a result in addition to the fundamental torque ,harmonics torques also developed whose cgawling speed for fundamental torque.

Construction and Working of Induction Motor. Home Electrical machines Power system Contact electricaleasy. Methods to overcome Cogging This problem can be easily solved by adopting several measures. The rotor tends to remain fixed in this condition and causes serious problem in starting. This phenomenon is called as crawling of an induction motor.

Crawling and Cogging Effect in the Induction Motor | Electrical Revolution

This is an open and free to study website for Electrical Engineering students, Professionals and everyone coggibg wants to learn. Why not share it? There may be a bit more risk with electronic reduced-voltage starters.


Home Questions Tags Users Clgging. This is happens due to fact that when stator teeth and rotor teeth face to other, the magnetic path becomes minimum. What is meant is to arrange the stack of rotor laminations so that the rotor slots are “skewed” or angled with respect to the axis of rotation.

Cogging of Induction Motor This characteristic of induction motor comes into picture when motor refuses to start at all.

Cogging And Crawling of Induction Motor

You may also like: How to minimize this effects? In your link, that statement is under the heading “Cogging.

When a three phase supply to motro to induction motor, it produces rotating magnetic flux which rotates at synchronous speed. I have mentioned one or two in my blog post. As the third harmonic remain absent under balance load condition, it does not produce any torque.

It is also helpful to amd the motor so that the torque vs. Newer Post Older Post Home. I would like to know what are the various causes behind this. This action is due to the fact that harmonics fluxes produced in the gap of the stator winding of odd harmonics like 3 rd5 th7 th etc.

Effect of Crawling The problem of Cogging crwwling overcome by making the number of rotor slots prime to the number of stator slots. The number of slots in rotor should not be equal to the number of slots in the stator.