with a Postcript coauthored by Michael W. GoheenIn print for two decades and translated into eight languages, Albert Wolters’s classic. Creation Regained: Biblical Basics for a Reformational Worldview Albert M. Wolters is professor of religion and theology and of classical languages at. Creation Regained: Biblical Basics for a Reformational Worldview eBook: Albert M. Wolters: : Loja Kindle.

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Wolters begins by defining the nature and scope of a worldview, distinguishing it from philosophy or theology, and noting that the Christian community has advanced a variety rrgained worldviews. In others it provides the corrective lens by which the Christian can properly understand general revelation. They are concerned to locate creaion talk of worldview in the Bible’s storyline. His categories of “structure” and “direction” are helpful in handling God’s good creation with wisdom and maturity.

Creation Regained: Biblical Basics for a Reformational Worldview – Albert M. Wolters – Google Books

Free moral agents for Jesus! Every Christian must deal with the fact that being a Christian means being united to the Second Adam; and that Adam, being a creature and the God-mandated lord of creation, was part of the created order, the created norms and laws of God.

Eerdmans is proud to publish many books that have remained in print for decades – true classics that have stood the test of time. The insights he has, however, far outweigh the weaknesses. Books by Albert M. That, too, is participation in the restoration of creation and the coming of the kingdom of God. Two themes that stuck with me: This, according to Wolters, extends to all realms of human development including marriage, emotions, sexuality, politics, art, and business. The same is true for norms.


It is a strength that Wolters is able to maintain this emphasis alongside his emphasis of Christian attempts to live redemptively in the culture.

These are the appropriate questions of philosophy, but they are much more practical when we think of them in terms of, say, voting. Yet the Bible shows that in His unfolding drama of redemption, God is at work to reclaim not just our souls, but our bodies, and not just our bodies, but the Earth from which that first human body was made, and over which God purposed us to reign.

It is inherently good, not good due to woltesr added supernatural category, i. In what ways can we see the creative ideal restored through the Gospel? It’s a helpful read. Wolters never says that the work of Christians will bring the New Jerusalem down from heaven.

Evil is a corruption of good, hatred a corruption of love. Wolters begins with explaining what a worldview is and why it is important.

Creation Regained – Albert M. Wolters : Eerdmans

Recovering the Church’s Moral Vision J. The implication is that any work in an area of human life, such as the work of an artist, is potentially kingdom work. Mar 25, Paul S. Wolters uses these chapters as the basis of a biblical worldview viz. In some cases, perhaps. As Crouch says, it helps define the horizons of possibility and impossibility for me.


Human civilization is normed throughout. These ideas are based on the work of Dutch thinkers Herman Dooyeweerd and D.

I am correct in interpreting that Creation Regained is from a distinctly postmillenial perspective? Jun 24, Laurent Dv rated it liked it.

Creation Regained | Albert M. Wolters

Read for teaching purposes. In this brief and straightforward examination of Christians’ basic beliefs, Albert M. He breaks everything down in the helpful and summarizing categories of creation, Fall, redemption, and his major emphasis relates to God’s structure and direction of the created order, how the Fall into sin has affected everything, and how God’s reconciling and redeeming work will likewise restore everything. Wolters is in the right on this issue.

This means that in the Reformational worldview regards redemption through Christ as the restoration of the original creation. It has some problems, to degained sure, but it appears to fit owlters with others of my theological and philosophical commitments than the alternative. Quotes from Creation Regained I recommend it to any serious worldview scholar for good reading and a valuable addition to one’s personal or professional library.

The man, Jesus, plays the key role in restoring creation.