manual, RUN/STOP, and alarms) and the PV or SV. E5CN/E5AN/E5EN/E5GN Digital Temperature Controllers User’s Manual Basic Type E5CN-R2MT E5CN/E5AN/E5EN Digital Temperature Controllers User’s Manual Basic E5CN -R2MT AC or E5CN-R2MTD AC/DC24). E5CN/E5CN-U Temperature Controller User’s Manual (Cat. No. H). E5CN Temperature Controller Communications User’s Manual (Cat. E5CN-R2MT-

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DC loads cannot be connected. E5CN-Y Added models with long-life relay outputs. Locations subject to direct sunlight? Use crimp terminals with the specified dimensions M3. A password is required to enter the advance function setting level and the calibration level. Do e5cn-f2mt-500 use the Temperature Controller in the following locations. If the OFF time of control output 1 is less than ms, SSR failure detection and the heater current will not be measured.

Ordering Information – Omron E5CN Datasheet [Page 3]

Voltage outputs to drive SSRs for both heating and cooling control. Easy, Dependable, Complete Functionality, and segment Displays. Also, do manhal wire power lines together with or parallel to Temperature Controller wiring. Operation Level Set either of these parameters.

Use it in a control panel structure so that fire will not leave the panel. Output when an input error output is enabled in the Advance Function Setting Level.


Hold both sides of the front panel and draw out the Controller towards you. E5CN-C Models with Current Outputs Easy, Dependable, and Even Faster Easy Setting with segment Displays The new E5CN features segment displays to make text easier to read, eliminating the need to decode displays when trying e5cn-r2mt-5000 set parameters, as was necessary with previous temperature controllers.

If the output relay is used beyond its life expectancy, its contacts may occasionally become fused or burned. These devices can cause radio disturbances which adversely affect the performance of the Controller.

Terminal applications depend on the model of the Option Unit. Pt or JPt Infrared temperature sensor: Sections without any specification on their degree of protection or those with IP 0 are not waterproof.

Plug Two, M3 depth: When using a grounding thermocouple, do not connect any of the control output terminals to ground. Operation level entered for software reset. Standard insulation is applied between any of the following: Multi-input Capability with One Controller Connect to either a thermocouple or platinum resistance thermometer with the e5nc-r2mt-500 model.

Do not attempt to disassemble, modify, or repair the Temperature Controller or touch any internal components.

OMRON E5CN Datasheet: Ordering Information

Easily see the status from a distance with PV display with threecolor switching function. Outputs will turn OFF depending on the mode when switching to the initial setting mode.


Due consideration must be given to this time when incorporating Temperature Controllers in a sequence circuit. Panel cutout, Internal panel dimensions for panel mounting, wiring screw sizes, wiring terminal arrangement, and parameter setting methods. The service life of electronic devices like Temperature Controllers is determined not only by the number of times the relay is switched but also by the service life of internal electronic components.

Télécharger omron e5cj-r2 omron e5cn manual,omron e5cn-q2mt,omron e5cn-r2mt- PDF |

Equivalent to IP50, rear case: Group mounting is not mnual in the vertical direction. Number of alarms Blank: Press the Level Key less than 1 s. Confirm system safety before switching the mode. Refer to page 19 for information on changes in comparison to previous models. B, R, and S sensors: Locations subject to dust or corrosive gas especially sulfide gas or ammonia gas.

Option Units cannot be used for Plug-in models. Tighten the terminal screws using a torque between 0. Previous E5CN Controllers cannot be removed from the case for replacement with new models. Keep the wiring for the Temperature Controller’s terminal block away from power cables carry high voltages or e5cb-r2mt-500 currents.