My Teenage Dream Ended has ratings and reviews. Tarra said: warning- longest review in the world. First of all- I did not even know this book e. My Teenage Dream Ended. By Farrah Abraham. • 10 songs. Play on Spotify . 1. The Phone Call That Changed My Life. 2. After Prom. 3. Producer Fredrick M. Cuevas explains the never-before-told history of Farrah Abraham’s album, My Teenage Dream Ended.

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That moment really showed how scared darrah anxious Farrah is about losing fararh else in her life. But it’s okay because “she hopes he would change and after she had the baby they could be a happy family”. They really honed into the avant-garde part of it. She wanted something that sounded kind of edgy, so we went with a more aggressive effect. And I have to admit I was curious: Farrah clearly did not have an editor.

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Anyway- back to the important shit. Oct 02, Aimee rated it did not like it Shelves: Everyone knows my love of all things Teen Mom, and I was all over that shit This happens– I get that I guess I should actually rate this book as five stars, because it gave me exactly what I expected, though I don’t think I can bring myself to do that!

Nov 26, Carley rated it it was ok Shelves: It has been widely criticized for its extensively autotuned vocals and bland production. Now that I’ve finished it, I dislike her even more. Having watched the first season of the Teen Mom series from beginning to end, Farrah was always my least favorite of the girls, for obvious reasons.


There’s no other real excuse as to why she keeps hoping he’ll magically pop back into a faithful, sober nice guy who doesn’t have frosted tips. Most of it was his fault I felt well according to Farrah or his family. The book is not well-written, and my copy had many typos, but upon reading the scanned-in, handwritten letter from Farrah to Sophia as a first-birthday memento, I really think that the copyeditor just didn’t have enough time to scour and essentially rewrite the whole thing.

View all 6 comments. May 08, Kelly rated it liked it. Oct 24, Jessica rated it it was ok Shelves: Coming complete with possibly the world’s worst title, it also features awkward sex scenes and an admittance of doing cocaine at the age of around I still work at the recording studio. Aug 11, Ashlyn rated it it was ok.

My Teenage Dream Ended – Wikipedia

I still think she’s EXTREMELY immature and self-centered, but the back wbraham about how rocky her parent’s marriage is makes her neediness with guys make a lot more sense. Farrah spends the entire book either describing their sex life in great detail or completely trashing Derek – I hope endee family never reads this!

After an arguement about grocery shopping Farrah and her mom go into the house and get into a lil quarrel over the mail.


I always watch Teen Mom, and Farrah is my favorite! Views Read Edit View history. I think she couldn’t have been more open and honest than she was.

I always found her very stuck up and bitchy towards basically everyone, including her parents. And it’s really sad that Derek is not around to defend himself. Her fiery, relentless spirit, and her unwavering commitment to getting the best out of life for herself and her daughter Sophia in spite of all the drama constantly surrounding her have made her a beloved star teenge media sensation.

AS I was reading the book I felt like I was right there with Farrah going through what she went through. We all know how that went as we were graced with Sophia’s presence 7 months later.

It was exactly ” Abrahan – Look at me- Pay attention to me- I’m going to ignore you, but you better not ignore me! And by the way, If you were so pretty and popular in High School why all the plastic surgery?

There is always her side, his side, fartah the truth. It was read by Farrah and she did a good job of reading it.

And then Derek dies