Originally posted by: Hi, a quick question, I’ve noticed there appears to exist a FHTB II thermostat. The only thing I find on the. Jan. Hi, I’ve run into the issue with FHTB I’ve configured it in IP-Symcon and I’ve implemented the heating logic (for electrical heating using SU. FHT 80b & FHT 8V Combo Set Owner’s Manual Size: ( MB), All the information needed Works with additional FHT80TF-2 Window Contacts for automatic.

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I have my own heating algorithm in place, using FHT for temperature measurement and for setting a desired temperature.

In order of importance: The FHT 8 is one way only – 80-2 will report its status, but is not capable of being controlled. This is just my understanding, I only have the 80b and don’t have the boiler interlock so I can’t speak from experience and could be wrong.

I have the same question as lazarette. The time now is If the communication is not perfect, then the number is bigger due to resends. I’m interested in getting the system set up with computer control via FHEM eventually so I’m keen to get the right stuff.

I’m wondering which is best for the valves Therefore, one is well-advised if one gives the basic parametres in the FHT. I noticed some discussions that talk about the “IST” temperature If you are interested, just have a look to the commercial product idea on the FHEM page. FHEM is capable of gestioning all, so I hft it’s up to buying the right hardware now.

  CIRSOC 201 82 PDF

If you know a cheaper place to buy sets, don’t hesitate to let me know Any help for me? But I would also suggest the HMST F for this purpose though, unless you actually want to control your radiators with it, too. This is what the 8W also does, only you have to program it yourself in IPS.

Which FHT thermostat kit to buy?

The FHT 80 on 80bb-2 other hand allows two way communication hence it being a little more expensive and absolutely the right choice if you want to do funky stuff with FHEM etc. I’ve configured it in IP-Symcon and I’ve implemented the heating logic for electrical heating using SU actuator based on actual temperature and desired temperature readings coming from FHTb.

I will send an email to Conrad. I guess I can place those anywhere I want seen the odd way I engineered my piping system.

I do not need to decouple this heating from a PC. I’m a little unsure about exactly which to buy, however.

But with its un reliability, I will probably switch to thermometer and no display in the room. I noticed IR controllers, V dimmers, audio controllers Results 1 to 10 80g-2 By the way, why are you using your own heating algorithm.


Forum Was ist neu? CUL is not a real WS replacement: This is not optimal, as the FHT only accepts a command, when the final fhtt for the whole chain was sent.

FHT 80b Wall Thermostat

I’ll try to describe more clearly what I would like to do: So in my understanding I could either: Marketing, Verwaltung Bitte keine unaufgeforderten privaten Nachrichten!

Or is there some smart setting that can activate this when desired? Many thanks getting very excited from the goodies and toysDave. Actual temperature will be logged, etc Anybody an idea how long the lifespan is of such a heating system? A command entry in the slot is deleted, if the command was repeated by the FHT. Von pbrand im Forum General Discussion. However, nevertheless, basically a transference of the FHT functions to the valve, or?

Datails for the technically rht, not for manager: It appears they are compatible with FS20? The answer from Conrad: