Issue 1 Comment. Fortean Times. Aug Issue 1 Comment. Fortean Times. Sep Issue 1 Comment. Fortean Times. Oct Issue the leader, Fontana, Calif., Fontz, Anthony, 62 Foo Fighters, ,, 15O ,, Ford, Art, Formisano, Vittorio, Fortean Times, xiv. Casino Royale, Ford, Henry, Fortean Times, 10 Fortune, Dion, 4, , ; The Mystical Qabalah, , Foster, Jane, –93, , Fothergill.

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Indeed, this was the semi-official address of FT until that shop closed.

Fortean Times – Bibliography

Fortean Times 35 Summer The same issue ran an obituary for Eric Frank Russellof whom Rickard was a considerable fan. Emerson’s still-on-going monthly “Phenomenomix” strip in FT had its prototype in 11’s three-page “Fortean Funnies”.

The range of subject matter is extremely broad, including but not limited to the following:. Fortean Times 17 August Moore and Paul Screeton then editor of The Ley Hunterboth urged on the first few uncertain issues” and Moore would frequently join Rickard to “stuff envelopes and hand-write a few hundred addresses” to disseminate the early issues.

Fortean Times – Wikipedia

Fortean Times 2292 Spring The magazine “maintains a position of benevolent scepticism towards both the orthodox and the unorthodox” and ” toes no party line “. The event often ends fimes a panel discussion, as was the case in when the subject was “Is Ufology Dead? With 35, Summer ’81 the address was changed.


This page has been accessed 15, times. The article outraged many readers and led to the magazine’s most vigorous postbag up to that time.

Issue 23 featured an article by Robert Anton Wilson on, aptly, ” The 23 Phenomenon ,” [12] made available a second Indexto The News 8—13 and included a tumes ‘Review Supplement’, issued as a separately bound supplement since the-then printers had difficulty binding more than 40 pages. Fortean Times issue Fortean Times 87 June Fortean Times June Sieveking joined the FT team with 28 as co-associate editor, and writes, highlighting the intrinsic early difficulties in forrtean FT that that issue “was printed by an Israeli entrepreneur in northern Greece and shipped to London.

Retrieved from ” http: Fortean Times 59 September Ron Willis succumbed to a brain tumour in March Fortean Times Issues 26—30 Fortean Tomes ed. Timmes first issue featured a cover which would become briefly the unofficial logo of The News drawn by Rickard from a Selfridges advert originally created by Bernard Partridge. Several changes of logo and font have occurred throughout its life.


Fortean Times 54 Summer British monthly magazines Forteana Flrtean magazines Magazines established in establishments in the United Tlmes. The shocking truth about the first flying saucers”. Fortean Times 27 Autumn Fortean Times Fortean Times issue Did NASA hoax the moon landing photos? Fortean Times 23 Autumn Fortean Times 50 Summer It further appears that although demand was such to warrant reprints of several volumes, after collecting up to 77 it was decided that the previous volumes had not sold well enough to continue completely up to date.

Hall produced a section entitled “Fortean USA”, continuing on from his earlier, discontinued, newsletter From My Files ; issue 5 also saw William Porter’s article on Llandrillo printed, after being delayed from 4 for space constraints.

The two found they had much in common — including a love of Chinese mysticism — and Moore helped inspire Rickard to publish The News.