Hallicrafters SX Serial Number H Here is the SX, as received. Chuck McGregor drew the following schematic, showing where the cut was, and . View and Download Hallicrafters SXA technical manual online. SXA Radio pdf manual download. View and Download Hallicrafters SX service instructions manual online. The Model SX Super Skyrider Receiver. SX Receiver pdf manual.

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Hallicrafters SX-28

These values are in series with ohm changed from ohms Cathode resistor on Bands 3, 4 and 5. The oscilloscopes sometimes had built-in oscillators to create lissajous patterns for audio analysis of incoming signals Video output is from the 6V6 audio sx2-8 of the receiver. If you don’t have a manual, get one.

Shown to the right are some sample dials. Sensitivity, selectivity and stability are quite good considering that the design is over 60 years old.

Hallicrafters SX

Though it is likely to change as more SXs are photographed, it does appear that for now the SXA exclusively uses the clip-on condenser box cover and does hallicarfters have the auxiliary relay socket and will, of course, have the Hi-Q Micro Set coils. Why is it so difficult to find production information on the Hallicrafters’ receivers?

The SP Series was produced in large quantities although many of the surviving examples are in poor condition. We have many serial numbers reported in the Hxxx to the high Hxxx range but we have only hallicraftesr serial numbers from the Hxxx and xxx range with one other Hxxx unit known to have sold on eBay. Now what about the SX disadvantages.


Rushing through the job is not recommended as this leads to mistakes and poor workmanship. As for the Panadapter and Crystal Oscillator mods – they are of dubious value. Though some people can work around with special tools to replace the caps without disassembly, I can’t imagine hocomplish it without breaking something. The back of the speaker screws in place and seals the cabinet except for the bass reflex port.

Though the custom panel halilcrafters may be “original” to the end user, it is ssx-28 “from the factory original.


Since the audio requirements were minimal, the Push-Pull audio output 6V6s were usually replaced with a single-ended 6V6 audio output. For best reliability, all paper-wax capacitors and all electrolytic capacitors should be replaced. Additionally, there will be several inspector stamps or initials.

Silver panels turn up from time to time but these seem to be panels with the original paint stripped off. Send your serial numbers to: Accessories and smaller items that were serialized sometimes have an “H” followed by a four digit number.

As with the Super Pro, if the HRO is without its power supply or coils, it’s a “parts set” and should be priced as such. The Super Pro – demand for the Super-Pro is difficult to predict as there are many variations that are more desirable than others. It is known haloicrafters some of the very late SXs were hallirafters with webbed knobs.

The wood used is a soft lumber core that has a soft ha,licrafters veneer. Serial numbers are easy to find, easy to share and they do offer meaningful information when combined with detailed observations of the receiver that the serial number belongs to.


The production run method is certainly how most companies did handle their build schedules, especially when their production was not to specific orders and the company produced more haloicrafters one type of product. Performance of the SX with the R is fabulous.

The SXA eased front hallicraftefs manufacture and alignment while conserving necessary materials and, after the war, hams still had an opportunity to purchase a brand new version of a receiver they may have become familiar with while serving in the military. There are eight anti-backlash gears early boxes that have to be held in the “loaded” position with small clamps while the gearbox plates are put back together.

Hallicrafters SX-28-A Technical Manual

The one gray wrinkle powder coat job I saw was on a PM speaker cabinet and the color was more blue than it was gray leading me to believe the painter was either careless or color-blind. Of course, I advocate that, whenever possible, only cleaning of the original finishes should be performed. The Hi-Q Micro-Set coils used in the SXA were another cost cutting and material conservation measure requiring no brass parts in construction and a time savings on the alignment, maintenance and rework.

The manual’s alignment instructions are tedious and never changed after throughout the SX and SXA production. In most cases these are easy to repair.