The LM series are precision, easily-calibrated, integrated circuit temperature products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet. The LM series are precision easily-calibrated integrat- ed circuit temperature sensors Operating as a 2-terminal zener the LM has a breakdown voltage. LESS THAN 1Ω DYNAMIC IMPEDANCE. DESCRIPTION. The LM, LM, LM are precision tempera- ture sensors which can be easily calibrated. They.

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TI has taken and continues to take reasonable steps to provide representative and accurate information but may not have conducted destructive testing or chemical analysis on incoming materials and chemicals. Many explanation regarding sensors, compensation, thermocouple, and output voltage are described inside this datasheet.

If there is a great difference between the air temperature and the surface temperature, the actual temperature of the LM die would be at an intermediate temperature between the two temperatures. Operating output voltage change with current. The output of the device calibrated or uncalibrated can be expressed as: Reverse Voltage Change Figure 2. TI has discontinued the production of the device. Response Time Figure 5.

Select R3 and R4 for thermocouple type 2. Information published by TI regarding third-party products or services does not constitute a license to use such products or services or a warranty or endorsement thereof. Categories include technical documents, support and community resources, tools and software, and quick access to sample or buy. Temperature Error with 25? This component has a RoHS exemption for either 1 lead-based flip-chip solder bumps used between the die and package, or 2 lead-based die adhesive used between the die and leadframe.


To insure that the temperature of the LM die is lm1335 affected by the air temperature, mechanically connect the LM leads with a bead of epoxy to the surface being measured. The datasheet contains discussion related to temperature range, accuracy, temperature error, and sensor.

Errors in output voltage versus tem. TI is not responsible or liable for any such statements. The influence of these currents on the minimum and maximum reverse current flowing through the LM should be calculated and be maintained in the range of 0. Device lm15 been announced but is not in production.

Optocouplers – Texas Instruments. Centigrade Thermometer To calibrate adjust R2 for 2. TI has announced that the device will be discontinued, and a lm13 period is in effect.

Mounting the Sensor at the End of a Cable For optimum accuracy, a one point calibration is recommended. TI does not warrant or represent dqtasheet any license, either express or implied, is granted under any patent right, copyright, mask work right, or other intellectual property right relating to any combination, machine, or process in which TI components or services are used.


There is an easy method of calibrating the device.


Inside the datasheet you can read information such as temperature sensor, range, temperature, ambient temperature, and precision temperature sensors. The circuit output calibrated or not can be given. Packing information are available at: Dynamic Impedance Figure 6. The voltage appearing across the positive and negative terminals of the device at specified conditions of operating temperature and current.

LM LM LM Datasheet

LM – LM. Additional error can be introduced by varying load currents or varying supply voltage. For example, the TO plastic package, where the copper leads are the principal thermal path to carry heat into the device, can be greatly affected by airflow.

The datasheet contains information such as range, typical performance characteristics, centigrade temperature sensors, accuracy, and characte To lessen the affect of airflow, ensure that the wiring to the LM leads and wires connected to the leads datasheeg held at the same temperature as the surface temperature that is targeted for measurement.

The low impedance and linear output make interfacing to readout or control circuitry are especially easy.