This manual contains information relative to the physical, mechanical, and electrical characteristics of the Bendix/ King KY 96A and KY 97A VHF Communication. Find great deals for Aircraft Transceiver Bendix King KY 97a TSO. Shop with confidence on eBay!. MM dwd. RH REVISION HISTORY. MAINTENANCE MANUAL. BENDIX/KING. KY 96A, KY 97A. VHF Communication Transceiver.

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After being turned on there is a 30 second delay before t he unit b ecomes functional. I have checked the SWR which is a tad high 1.

For more information on what data is contained in the cookies, please see our Privacy Policy page. The display, as well as the lighted push buttons, are connected to the aircraft panel lighting bus and brighten or dim to provide maximum clarity in either darkened or daylight conditions.

Other pilot useful capabilities include automatic radio levelling, to boost weak signals and mute excessively strong ones, and automatic squelch override. The KY96A and KY97A offer operators a consistent audio level-automatically amplifying weak audio signals and muting those which are too strong.

Insert the stripped conductor until the insulation is even with the side of the crimper facing the operator. Among the many key features are ‘flip flop’ frequency switching and built in side tone. After the contact terminals have been installed on the wi ring harness, the contact terminals can be inserted into the desired location in the connector housing. Find More Posts by avionicsmoke. Sign up for price alert. Coax ‘fED 1 oao Inc tax Ex Tax.

Bendix/King – KY97A – Communications Transceiver (14V)

This is in addition to the two displayed frequencies for a total storage capacity of eleven frequencies. P ull bra id wires forward and taper toward c enter conductor. Remove the front panel of the radio, JTigure shows the front of kung switch board. This is to permit the t ransmitter tube t o warm-up and stabil ize.


Bendix King KY97a Squelch. Simply tune the desired frequency into the standby window “STBY” while monitoring the “USE” channel-when the time is right, simply push the frequency transfer button to transfer the standby frequency into the active window.

The last two digits of the contact terminal part number indicate the number of terminals required.

Bendix-King KY-97A (14v)

You have no items in your shopping cart. Tech Log The very best in practical technical discussion on the web. Usually th e function switch will be rotated t o the ” s t andby” pos ition, however, any o perative position will initiate the time delay turn on. Continue turning wrench clockwise until tight.

Place the insulating tab section on Anvil A. D IJ Push braid forward and flatten a g ainst connector cap and solder. Crimp again Until the jaws are fully closed or a sufficient crimp is obtained. When making the antenna installation guidelines should be taken from an investigation of proven s atisfactory transponder and DME antenna installations.

With the ease and speed of a push button you can switch between active and standby frequencies. Avoid mounting clo s e to any high external heat source, if this is done then no blower or ram air cooling will be required. Attention should be paid to the code selected on t he control head. Cable harnesses will be fabricated by the installing agency to fit these various requirements.

Assembly of the connector is as follows: Using needle nose pliers fold over each conductor tab in turn, onto the exposed conductor. During normal transponder operation, a flashing l amp is an indication o f a t ransmitted reply. A flashing display will alert the pilot to a microphone that becomes stuck for two minutes. The KY 97A also incorporates an audio amplifier with three audio inputs, eliminating the need for a seperate audio panel in some cases. F o d braid back over ou tcr cover of coax.


Solder tac connector cap to connector in at l east two pl ace s t o insure g ood e l ectrical contact. In addition the KY 97A transceiver displays transmit and brndix annuciations, to verify your active COMM and alert you if any audio settings may be incorrect.

Informations About Us Our Location. If necessary, straighten the contact terminal while it is held by the crimper.

The antenna should be mounted on a bottom surface that will be level in normal aircraft flight attitudes. A remote switch may be installed as an additional means of providing the “flip-flop” function. Solder cont act to center conductor.

BENDIXKing KY 97A Installation manual |

This warranty Is in lieu of all other General Aviation Avionics guarantees or warranties expressed or implied. Close the crimper slightly until the contact tabs touch the female jaw.

Lamp flashes within this interval may be f rom noise, a second or t h ird int errogat or, or from side lobes from interrogat ors with out side lobe suppression. If an a ltit ude digitizer i s part of the system then “ALT” funct ion w ill be select ed if altit ude reporting is requested by traffic control. All quality goods supplied by Mendelssohn Pilot Supplies are fully guaranteed and all items will be shown clearly in your shopping basket. Other pilot useful capabilities include automatic radio levelling, to boost weak signals and mute excessively strong ones, and automatic squelch override.

The claim should be promptly filed with the transportation company. Any time t hat the function switch i s in the “ON” or 11 ALT” position the t ransponder becomes an active pa rt of t he beacon system. However, in order to convey altitude information, the transponder must be lised in conjunction with a reporting altimeter and operated in “ALT” function.