Djuna Barnes’ The Book of Repulsive Women symmetry ofthe relationship between author and text with th tion of instituting the agency ofthe “living” author. Djuna Barnes was born in Great Britain and moved to New York in , where she briefly studied at the Pratt Institute of Art. In the s she moved to Paris. The Book of Repulsive Women: 8 Rhythms and 5 Drawings (Sun & Moon Classics) [Djuna Barnes, Douglas Messerli] on *FREE* shipping on.

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Lips, long lengthened by wise words Unsaid.

This version holds particularly fon Anyone who has read Barnes’s superb and dizzying “Nightwood” knows the alien spell that she is capable of casting over a reader. Mette rated it really liked it Nov 05, In his biography Djuna: Ladies Almanack and the Language of Celebration. What turn of card, what trick of game Undiced?

Which is a testament both to Barnes’s literary importance and our present society’s seeming inability to come to terms with female sexual liberation. They get better the more I read them. Slightly more guardedly acidic than, say, Dorothy Parker, but also wmen artsy and taking itself more seriously therefore vulnerable as vook cynicism usually is not.

New York UP, Part of this letter is quoted in Broe, Silence and Powerr What turn of body, what of lust Undiced? And you we valued still a little more than Christ.


The Book of Repulsive Women – Wikisource, the free online library

Where is the mind-twisting surgical acidity? She is only one of many: She has not expanded, here, into the galaxy she will become.

In adding to the burgeoning oeuvre of Barnes’ writings available to the contemporary reader, this collected edition of Barnes’ poems is long overdue.

Djuna Barnes to Margaret Anderson, This is the body talking, but the mouth is outside the body, or perhaps the eyes. With an elliptical and complex form of address, they each ask two questions of an unmarked addressee. Seen From the “L” S O she stands—nude—stretching dully Two amber combs loll through her hair A vague molested carpet pitches Down the dusty length of stair.

The Book of Repulsive Women.

To Mother Repusive was more or less like all mothers, but she was mine, — and so — She excelled. Skip to main content. Ravelling grandly into vice Dropping crooked into rhyme. The 60 Best Songs of Earthy and fleshy, yet somehow also preserving a certain sense of removal that lets us glimpse the subjects as somewhat of a voyeur.

The Book of Repulsive Women and Other Poems by Djuna Barnes

Carbondale and Edwards- ville: A special issue of The Review of Contemporary Fiction was devoted to her work in ; Virago has published collections of short stories and interviews the latter memorably titled I Could Never be Lonely Without a Husband: For though one took you, hurled you Out of space, With your legs half strangled In your lace, You’d lip the world to madness On your face.


Postulating or fantasizing its non-existence in this way—as an extreme exercise of copyright protection—mimics her repression of the historical, published text implicit in sequestering it from her vita and continu- ously misstating the title revisions: If one is looking for an introduction to Djuna Barnes this is not the place to start.

The Book of Repulsive Women: Apr 09, Adriana Scarpin rated it liked it Shelves: Of the poems themselves much can be said. All references to unpublished letters and typescripts will be given paren- thetically in the text.

This collection is one of those ones that much was made of at the time of their publication in a collection, heralded as “Lesser-known gems”. See you sagging down with bulging Booo to sip, The dappled damp from some vague Under lip, Your soft saliva, loosed With orgy, drip. Her real force as a poet resides in her excessive literary morbidity, her overwhelming sense of linguistic putrefaction.