The European Rail Timetable, more commonly known by its former names, the Thomas Cook .. The Overseas Timetable was published for 30 years, but ceased publication at the end of Starting in the early s, quarterly editions of the. regional trains that don’t show up in the Eurail timetable. In the “To” box, enter . – Chinese timetable Read more about trains, supplement, tourist, jours, festivos and italia.

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Back to top France Eurail passes give unlimited travel on Timeable to Paris by TGV: And don’t forget that short-haul flights cause disproportionate environmental damage. Run a journey planner enquiry for the route you want, remembering that if you want 1st class you have to click More options and select it before running the enquiry. How long will your trip last? Back to timettable page.

Continuous type Eurail passes are then valid for unlimited train travel every day through the whole pass validity period.

Map of the Swiss rail network. Although railway timetables have always been its predominant content, the Cook’s Timetable included a substantial amount of other information during the first decades of the 20th century.

I recommend downloading the Railplanner App for your smartphone from www.

A pass giving unlimited flexible 1st class travel ought to cost more than eurai, cheap budget ticket booked two months in advance direct with the train operator Eurail or point-to-point tickets? Distances between stations, shown in each route’s timetable, were expressed in miles until the s, but were changed to kilometres in Buy online at www.


How to use a Eurail pass

Easy and secure booking. In the case of a days-inmonths pass, the overall 2 months starts ticking on the date you validate your pass at a station, and you can ‘spend’ your 5 days of unlimited travel on eurial 5 days you like during those 2 months, just by writing the date in one of the 5 boxes printed on your pass.

However, by the end of that decade Thomas Cook Publishing had decided it would be worthwhile to include in its Timetable a section covering the principal British services, and 64 pages of tables were added for this purpose in However, reservations are required for IC trains in Portugal and long distance trains in Norway.

Flexi passes give a set number of days unlimited travel within a longer overall period of time, for example 10 days in 2 months, although there are various periods available.

Languages Deutsch Edit links. See the country-by-country guide for details of which trains need a reservation, and what these cost. To qualify, your Eurail pass only needs to cover the country at the start or finish of the journey. There’s advice on understanding the different types of UK rail fare on the Train travel in Britain page. For complete go-as-you-please freedom to explore Europe, buy a railpass Route of the Flying Scotsman Britain’s most scenic route: Iscriviti ad Amazon Prime: You just hop on any train, find an empty seat and show your pass when asked.

For example, in the February issue, 16 of its total of pages were given to railway timetables for “the USSR and Far East”, Turkey, and all countries in the Middle East and North Africa that had any scheduled train service. It is packed full of schedules and essential information on trains, ferries and hydrofoils throughout Europe.


I won’t be taking it with me – but that’s because I am limiting my baggage. It doesn’t matter whether you bought your pass from them or not. A Eurail pass also gives free travel on the following private tometable train operators who now run trains on lines that eural part of the main NS network: Visualizza o modifica i tuoi ordini alla pagina Il mio account.

First, work out what a Eurail pass costs per day as it’ll be easier to see tiemtable it’ll save money over the point-to-point prices you see online. There’s no supplement to pay on local or Regional trains. But few people travel this distance every day when they visit Italy, and even for these journeys you can pre-book tickets at www.

The European Rail Timetable | Buy online £

But if you board any overnight train before midnight, and do not change trains after midnight, you only need to use one day on a Flexi pass, the day of departure. Among the changes implemented in the immediate post-war period was that timetables were numbered, by route. Some future train schedules are not yet available due to pending updates from the railway companies. If you live in India, buy from www.

You can’t have a 0 day vacation.