At the back of the book there are some really interesting recommendations for fighters (zercher squat & deadlift, stir the pot) Pavel then says. Pavel sets us straight with his own list article of ab training mistakes. He ended up winning the “Best Abs” award and, more importantly. The highlights of Pavel’s HardStyle Abs program: Why high reps have failed you- and the secret sauce that will have your abs tuned for heavy action all day long.

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HardStyle Abs Book | Dragon Door

The hanging leg raise is interesting but out of my ability for now. Hardstyle Abs will give you the generative force to retaliate with a devastating backlash. But not simply to swivel heads with your rippling six-pack.

Not worth the purchase if you have Paevl older books!

Johan rated it really liked it Jul 04, Hardstyle breathing-for explosive power and a bullet-proof waist. This is the first ever Dragondoor product to disappoint me! After years of dedicated research and experimentation, Pavel has identified three “killer” drills, as all you need to achieve this level of mid-section mastery.


It is worth hardstlye price for the drill showing aabs to do leg raise type training in a hotel room without hand holds.

I got HardStyle Abs about a week ago and have read it cover to cover twice. There is not a lot of explanation, yet you understand what it’s about.

Hard Style Abs: Hit Hard. Lift Heavy. Look the Part by Pavel Tsatsouline

Please enter a headline to appear with your review. That’s how sure we are! Thank you, you have successfully signed up for our mailing list s. Internal Isometrics-the lost secret behind the old-time physical culturalists’ exceptional abdominal strength and development.

How to properly employ the pelvis—and see your strength gains skyrocket…Pages Now go buy this book!

HardStyle Abs

John Baker rated it liked it Dec 01, Already, my ugly lumbar rounding at the bottom of my squats is gone. I have bought so many products Over the years but this is basically a reprint of bulletproof Abs. Why every fighter needs greater “reflexive rotary stability”—and how to get it…Page Luke O’geil rated it it was amazing Sep 04, Sean rated it it was amazing Nov 14, Marcin Maciejewski rated it really liked it Jan 10, Is Zbs popular belief a muscle building-myth that will hinder you in your quest for ripped abs?


Maybe after a few months of power breathing, Janda situps and full contact Russian twists, I will be ready to learn that move. Employ this ancient Karate secret to ramp pael your strength not only in the midsection, but in multiple other lifts…Page No trivia or quizzes yet.

Hard Style Abs: Hit Hard. Lift Heavy. Look the Part

Great advice for developing good abdominal muscles. Look the Part by Pavel Tsatsouline. Why the amazing Ab Pavelizer is worth its weight in gold—for a consistent, reliable boost in ab strength…Pages Provide your last name to accompany the review.

Lists with This Book. Billy Saint rated it it was amazing Mar 17, My good friend Pavel is the functionally strongest pound for pound man I have ever measured and studied.

Although I must admit that I am not a big fan of prescribing flexion based exercises for my athletes, reading this may sway me a little at least to try some of them with my hwrdstyle guys.