2nd Company Tactical Marine. Chapter Name: Botherhood of Steel; Founding: 23rd “Sentinel” Founding; Founding Chapter: Iron Hands. Looking for fellow Iron Hands brethren. I’m building my IH army and would love to track down the Iron Hands info offered in the Index Astartes III. A further departure from the doctrines of the Codex Astartes is the lack of Chaplains. The Iron Hands suffered terrible losses at the hands of the Traitor Marines.

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Iron Hands

The Great Crusade would also see the Iron Hands serve alongside many other Legions directly, often employed as shock troops in major campaigns, as well as a senior element in a larger army group, with Ferrus Manus taking an overarching battlefield command role over other, later-found Primarchs on many occasions. After that time the name stuck, and forever after Ferrus Manus was often referred to as The Gorgon.

Tyton Games tytongames About the only permanent structure is the fortress in which Ferrus Manus himself dwells. He came to the attention of the Imperium when he fought and slain a Captain of the Twelfth Legion after he had killed his former master. The Lost and the Damned: Their flesh is ravaged by disease, and their minds twisted to the dark designs of the Father of Plague. Ironically, the Tenth Legion is perhaps the one of the Traitor Legions with the most Apothecaries left in its ranks, and they take their astarts very seriously.

It was later discovered that the Traitor Marines had been brought irno the world over the course of almost a millenia, one by one. Under Ferrus Manus’ command, however, the Tenth Legion became a force aastartes remorseless warriors, crushing anything that stood in their path with a cold brutality that unnerved many of their human allies.

Fulgrim successfully fled the Iron Hands’ expeditionary fleet in his personal assault craft, the Firebirdas he ordered his warships, the Battle Barge Pride of the Emperor and its Escortsto open fire upon the ships of the 52 nd Expeditionary Fleet. The first galactic empire of Humanity was a place of indolence, with all work done by intelligent robots loyal to their creators. The awesome confrontation of power devastated the landscape, shattering the very heavens and earth alike.

Amid the madness, the bejewelled Daemon itself strode forth to confront the Iron Ondex. They wailed in their dread for the fury of the storm seemed far from natural, and they felt certain the end of their world drew near.

M41 — 13 th Black Crusade: Terrible scars were left upon the Legion’s collective soul, and many among their number remained in denial about the death of their Primarch. Howling Daemons of Slaanesh burst forth from tears in reality, and set themselves upon the beleaguered Iron Hands.


This has caused the Apothecaries to innovateturning to Nurgle for help. If purchasing multiple items check out the new shopping cart feature.

Although Ferrus was reticent, he finally accepted, and ushered in a new age of peace across the planet. When the reinforcements arrived, in the form a Company of Emperor’s Children and several Regiments of the Imperial Guard. See other items More It is not known if it was Guilliman’s rhetoric, any long-hidden doubt on his part, or the curse running through his flesh that convinced Ferrus.

Nevertheless, full of righteous anger the Iron Hands turned their ships for Istvaan V, where the traitorous Warmaster was gathering his might. Were it not for the Inquisitorial outposts keeping a constant watch upon it, there would be nothing about the planet indicating its dreadful past, and hanes horrors that it birthed.

Index Astartes: Brotherhood of Steel

Much about the formative years of Ferrus Manus on Medusa remains unknown, not so much through any deliberate veil of secrecy perhaps, but because what was later retold by the Medusans themselves was filtered through the barbaric folk-memory of their culture, while the Gorgon himself was astartrs on the matter to any save the Emperor.

After forcing a landing via the brute power of irob warships from orbit, DuCaine ordered the Urshan soldiery to make planetfall in full strength. It was Paullian who led the dramatic counter attack against the insidious Dark Eldar on the industrial world Kaladrone, rescuing the badly wounded warleader Bannus and carrying him to safety.

Several functions may not work. In recent years, Inquisitorial reports indicate that he has sent envoys to the Dark Mechanicum, bargaining for their help in the expansion of his heretical domain. Sorry, but it’s the best we can do. Powerful Neverborn are born from the suffering of these unfortunate souls, many of which are bound by the Iron Hands’ Sorcerers and used as allies in their wars against the Imperium and the other Traitor Legions.

Weeks passed with no news of Ferrus, but before the clans decided what they should do in regard to discovering the fate of their saviour, the sky erupted with titanic electrical storms and the ground shook to savage earthquakes, terrifying everyone.

To the Iron Hands, spreading the plagues ineex Nurgle is a holy duty, and those who resist them are pitied, for they are like the sons of Ferrus themselves prior to their understanding of Nurgle’s truth. Dumah 31 Dec Space Marine Chapters of the Armageddon War. The center of the world’s governance fell into corruption, cultists slowly rising to positions of influence and subtly sabotaging the system’s defences.

Warhammer 40k Index Astartes III (3) – Iron Hands – World Eaters – Ultramarines | eBay

Many looked upon this practice with reprobation, and their unease was increased when rumours began to spread that these unwilling migrants were actually abandoned in the middle of the Medusan deserts, so that the techno-abominations dwelling there would winnow the weak and allow only the strong and cunning to reach the safety of the Seven Cities.

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There are ten Clan Companies which act in much the same way as the Battle Companies of traditional Codex Chapters, being versatile and capable in any given situation. Back to top 2 joschlumpf Posted 29 March – Twelve times the actions of Abaddon the Despoiler have been faultlessly catalogued by the Iron Hands, their every possible ramification extrapolated by conclaves of Iron Fathers performing logic-spirit seances.

While the ill-feeling these negative factors provoked in some quarters was still far from the acrimony and distrust the nearly uncontrollable bloodlust displayed by the World Eaters or the catastrophic cost of the arts of war practiced by the Death Guard engendered, or indeed the suspicions created by the fickle unpredictability of the White Scarsthe Iron Hands’ ruthlessness in battle and their seemingly callous indifference to the price of victory made them conquerors, not liberators.

Luna 31 Dec So I think I managed to accomplish what I set out to do, with honestly very little conversion work. The Orks of Ullanor represented the largest concentration of Orks ever defeated by the military forces of the nascent Imperium of Man at that time.

Is his right hand weapon chambered for boltshells, or heavy boltshells for a heavy bolter? Treacherous warriors twisted by hatred fought their former brothers-in-arms in a conflict unparalleled in its bitterness. This stance brought them further to their notoriety, particularly with elements of the Imperial Army, as the years passed the Iron Hands also gained an increasingly belligerent reputation with the fellow Legions as lacking both patience with others and subtlety of action, both in the person of their Primarch and the character of the Legion’s rank and file.

Iron Hands Chapter Master: To counter this, Ferrus Manus declared that all human worlds conquered by his forces would pay a tithe of blood: Both warriors fought with the hatred only brothers divided could muster, their armour dented, torn and blackened by their fury. And so began what is known to very few in the galaxy as the Forgotten War. It is their private belief, based upon a mixture of cogitation and gut instinct, that the Chapter will choose one of a select few foes against which to level its might.