Ivo Andric’s ‘The Bridge Over the Drina’ forces the reader to recognise this. It has in common with the great 19th-century novels a huge cast-list. The book The Bridge on the Drina, Ivo Andric is published by University of Chicago Press. The Bridge Over The Drina . Ivo Andric In the small Bosnian town of Visegrad the stone bridge of the novel’s title, built in the sixteenth.

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University of Pittsburgh Press.

People often speak of “the soul of a nation”. There the wedding guests would usually preen themselves and get into their ranks before entering the market-place. They fished around it or hunted doves under its arches.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Tbe novel’s first pages deal with the bridge’s construction and the remaining revolve around the Austro-Hungarian period. Then they took Radisav by surprise and drowned him while he was asleep, binding him with silken ropes for against silk his talisman could not help him.

Review Text “The Bridge on the Drina” is a vivid depiction of the suffering history has imposed upon the people show more. In the Wake of the Balkan Myth: That tumulus was the end and frontier of all the children’s gamnes around the bridge.

The Bridge on the Drina

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The boy’s mother follows her son wailing until she reaches the Drina River, where he is taken across by ferry and she can no longer follow.

Aspden, Peter 27 June Andtic this goes to confirm the opinion of that foreigner.

That is the thin white stream which, at certain times of year, flows from that faultless masonry and leaves an indelible mark of the stone. Such was the kapia. No other book, I think, can andrlc the distinct realities of Balkan history, or elucidate the psychology of the post-Yugoslav calamities as vividly as this one.


Ivo Andrić

Suspended some fifteen metres above the green boisterous waters, this stone sofa, floated in space over the water, with dark green hills on three sides, the heavens, filled with clouds and stars, above and the open view down river like a narrow amphitheatre bounded by the dark green hills on three sides, the heavens, filled with clouds or stars, above and the open view down river like a narrow amphitheatre bounded by the dark blue mountains behind.

The town owned its existence to the bridge and grew out of it as if from an imperishable root. Notify me of new comments via email. An outline of some fifty pages has been preserved, as well as jotting treating various aspects of the subject matter. Strike at once, for he has wealth both on him and in his saddlebags. Such an apparently simple structural function contributes also to the main direction of the work, which depicts the growth, from a series of disparate events, of a common heritage.

In all tales about personal, family or public events the words ‘on the bridge’ could always be heard. About five years ago, an American friend of mine, whose book taste I completely respected, told me about this book.

He opened his mouth wide and felt his eyes bulging in his head. So be it, thought the hodja. Write a customer review. Sells, Michael Anthony There too the elders of the town often sat to discuss public matters and common troubles, but even more often young men who only knew how to sing and joke.

It is, in short, a marvelous work, a masterpiece, and very much sui generis. His books include The Damned Yard: While Andric’s large body of literature is clearly deserving of reading, this clearly was the epic work that most deservedly won him the Nobel Prize. They entered there into the unconscious philosophy of the town; that life was an incomprehensible marvel, since it was incessantly wasted and spent, yet none the less it endured ‘like the bridge on the Drina’. He remains haunted by the memory of being forcibly taken from his mother and orders the construction of a bridge at the part of the river where the two became separated.


The bridge, on the other hand, stands for centuries without maintenance because of how well it was constructed. The children used to gaze from the bank into the dark opening as into a gulf andirc is both terrible and fascinating. Life in Visegrad, with its uneasy blend of Muslims, Christians and Jews, flows under the bridge as steadily as time, now a turbid torrent now a turgid trickle but like Time itself always toward the sea of forgetfulness.

Review: The Bridge on the Drina by Ivo Andrić | Global Literature in Libraries Initiative

Due to lack of state funds, the caravanserai is abandoned and falls into disuse. A vivid depiction of the suffering history has imposed upon the people of Bosnia from the late sixteenth century to the beginning of World War I, ‘The Bridge on the Drina’ earned Andric the Nobel Prize for Literature in The novel’s release coincided with the end of World War II, as well as Partisan efforts to promote the style of socialist realismexemplified by depictions of “superficial happiness” glorifying the values of communism.

As we seek to make sense of the current nightmare in this region, this remarkable, timely book serves as a reliable guide to its people and history. Dgina every citizen could, at any time of day or night, go out to the kapia and sit on the sofa, or hang about it on business or in conversation.

The National Question in Yugoslavia: He broke all of them like thread, so great was the power of the talisman that he had with him.