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Their prior experience was the very foundation on which the operation was conceived, and quickly became just as crucial to its smooth execution. The initial exchanges were a sweeping success. Still, a number of historians to-date argue that Bribes was, essentially, a British insurance policy against very small odds By Juneno measure of ambition could possess Franco to join the losing side.

Again, this is an instance in which the role of Hoare and Hillgarth was fundamental.

It has been difficult to find more than one source to support this theory, however United States policy towards Spain, — March fled the country temporarily, but his situation allowed him a swift return.

This is the case with Spanish non-intervention in the Second World War.

British meddling would be perceived as an affront to Spanish pride, and would turn any possible assets against the Allies.

Of course, it was still not the ideal situation for the Pentagon. Hoare and Hillgarth were careful in their correspondence to obtain gaces authorisation of Bribes without exacerbating the possible tensions that could arise from the proclamation of a crisis in Spain.

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It confirms that heads of state or government can no more hide behind the shield of immunity from criminal procedures. The threat of Spanish entry would effectively have subsided.

Perhaps due to the political differences between Hoare and Churchill, and the more urgent concerns coming in from the Western Front, his posting to Madrid was seen by and large as a way to dispose of him conveniently. Then there was the matter of suspicion, and the dynamics that Bribes would set in motion behind the scenes. And its prime characteristic was the complete absence of links— but March —between the source of the money and its ultimate destination.


The US Secretary of State, Alexander Haig, affirmed publicly that “it was an internal affair only of concern to Spain,” despite the publicly known active participation of intervenidoe from the US Embassy in the preparations of the military pronunciamiento.

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Thus, the intdrvenidos that Godfrey had relayed was abandoned after much bureaucratic infighting, but the idea of collaborating with March remained afloat. University of Missouri Press, Many people believed in their words again when they promised that “Spain will never join the Common Command,” keeping outside the military structure; they also believed that any status changes would require further referenda before being approved.

I want to read without limits! Yale University Press, All in all, during the Second Cold War public confidence in political and military institutions as preservers of peace began to decline. There were several factors which influenced the outcome: British understanding of Spanish attitudes, broadly and within the workings of their government, would play a crucial role in its configuration.

Classed seventh wealthiest man in the world by 72the figure of Juan March has aroused the awe and perplexity of his biographers. It was the constant involvement, if nothing else, of March, Hoare and Hillgarth, that allowed Bribes to become the main pillar of British strategy in wartime Spain.

Of course, many people opposed to the permanence of Spain in NATO were afraid of this possibility and chose to abstain, submit a protest or blank vote, or even voted “Yes” because they believed that voting “No” weakened the possibility of the continuance of the PSOE government which at that time, was the guarantee of the consolidation of a democracy that had been threatened a few years earlier by a failed military coup.


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Mario Benedetti

This episode illustrates four items of importance: Dec 04, Revista de estudios literarios Universidad Complutense de Madrid At a meeting of the General Command in Barcelona, he denounced the attempts by the Falange to drive Spain into the war, and criticised Franco openly for his failure to root out corruption in the party, which he was convinced the Germans were financing Vida y destino by Vasili Grossman. Frente a una Leyenda. There was little concern by the new dictator for the welfare of his war-ravaged and famished people, and Spain teetered on the edge of belligerence for the better part of the period.

No one in the country, but a select few, would know of the origins of the movement, which would be seen to take a strong and patriotic stance against foreign involvement.

March had obtained the promise of the generals to rally for neutrality against the Falange. They will not be notified. This subscription can be terminated at any time in the section “Subscription”.

The time has come to act immediately to detain this impulse. The condition was as follows: Where the original proposal for Bribes was born is unclear, though it has been suggested that March himself may have been its author But it is in the structure of Itnervenidos that the real scope of the operation can be gauged.

He also points out however that in WWI, subventions to schemes operating against the Ottoman Empire had begun at 10, pounds and had ended up amounting to almost 11 million pounds sterling. Revista de estudios literariosUniversidad Complutense de Madrid, Ambassador on Special Mission.