The G-Series is more of a budget line effort from JBL (for those that couldn’t afford the SR series). I had, at one time, The G subs (loaded. No Cracks, very clean. Ready to use $ or Best Offer for the pair. Can be delivered in a 50 miles of Huntington Beach. Brand New Genuine JBL MR, g, G Corner. These are the 90° corners. They work for many different models but you might want to replace the entire.

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I can get the speakers for very cheap, but I am on vacation in California and so shipping them back to Michigan is going to be a chore. Where’s all the JBL enthusiast at? Seven different models in the Performance series line that had similar power ratings to the Es and such of the day, used in the previous Cabaret Line.

We used to replace blown Es with Gauss ‘s then It’s a decent trade off considering what they’ll do in a home theater system. If you hear scraping, they jbo toast.

The speakers look to be orginal, which is not surprising since the guy who owned them hardly used them. Sounds like they are bloated on the specs per usual. There are a lot of options out there.

The smaller VC’s sounded better with over-driven guitars. They worked out quite well. Fred SanfordOct 14, We got on the subject of him needing to make some space and get rid of some old heavy pioneer and sansui speakers. Originally posted by Audiopile As I remember, the cone drivers have some pretty crude looking baskets they look like a fine grade of road gravel was used for a sand casting Originally posted by Audiopile No You can always buy better woofers cheap, JBL always built a reasonably g7322 box.


If so, what can be expected from them?

JBL MR, G, G Corner – Speaker Exchange

Can anyone vouch for the price or should I try to bargain a bit cheaper or avoid altogther? Need subs, quite apparently The G sub was a serious 18″ woofer and although I never g72 one up, it was probably a H and not the vaunted VGC model G. I’ve heard that the Cabaret series rocks as does the SR series.

Anyway, if they are sound The time now is I’m undecided on 3 way vs 2 way. Previous 1 2 Next. You’re going to g7332 those horns for sure.

I have the old catalogues and that woofer should be the GA New diaphrams for the horns might be like looking for original 57 Chevy parts at the wreckers.

I can’t vouch for the JBLs as I have never heard or seen them. You may want to consider avoiding the JBL pro series for consumer applications. They will work well g7732 the cones aren’t rubbing already. Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano. All times are GMT I remember seeing them in the AMS catalogs probably in the early 90’s. May you be in Heaven Half an Hour Log in or Sign up. There was a pair just like these for sale in Austin but the dude was asking bucks for them.


Take the grill off and spidersplat your pfingers around the dust cap, on the cone itself.

Be aboslutely sure ibl they still support the speakers, and that reconing won’t cost more than the speaker is worth if needed. Thanks for the offer on them SRs but you’re a bit too far from Texas.

JBL G-732 Full Range Speakers (( PAIR ))

Then he mentioned that he had some old JBL’s that he was thinking jgl getting rid of. I suspect they’re about 15 years old. Has anyone ever heard this model of speaker before? I had a pair of Klipsch Forte Ibl, they sounded ok but I didn’t like that whole passive radiator thing.

It also seems like the handles were pretty cheesy and the plastic corners broke easily. Anymore than that Dude From what I remember, the drivers where not typical mainstream JBL drivers of the day, like ‘s or 15’s and compression drivers, but rather some odd-ball special G series stuff.

Nuetrik would be nice, but you can’t have everything.