“Wieczna wojna” scenariusz Joe Haldeman, rysunki Marvano, kolory Bruno Marchand, tłumaczenie Krzysztof Uliszewski, Egmont, Warszawa. Wieczna wojna (franc. La guerre éternelle) – francuska seria komiksowa z gatunku science-fiction, której autorami są Joe Haldeman (scenariusz) i Marvano . Najbardziej znaną powieścią Haldemana jest Wieczna wojna, zainspirowana doświadczeniami z Wietnamu, za którą dostał nagrody Hugo oraz Nebula. Później.

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I’m not sure why so many people gave this high ratings. More than just a book about a futuristic war, Haldeman describes a society built around the codependency of the industrial military complex and with a fluid dynamic socio-economic culture that is fascinating to watch unfold.

We follow William Mandella through his military career in a war that spans centuries of time and many light years of space. Although, the blend of the two seemed awkward, generally shifting to either one or the other, without a smooth balance. I am now several several, several, and several years older and know all about the highly political nature of the book and I still think it is a kick-ass sci-fi story.

Wieczna wojna (komiks)

Not the perverse grotesquerie we were supposedly fighting to preserve. There are future societies, each more ridiculous than the last my favorite bit of ridiculousness: Las luchas tienen lugar en los peores entornos que puedas imaginar.

This is something that will always be a factor in any military, even though you constantly hear, “think of the military objective”.


Other books in the series. Military details and military history.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. In one sense, this book is an amusing and entertaining galactic war story that is smartly delivered and is faithful to physics, After some thought, Wjeczna had to bump this rating up a star. Increasingly lonely and out of sync with everyone around him with almost no chance of surviving his enlistment, Mandella nurses the hope that the war will someday end during the large gaps of time he skips as he travels to his assignments.

Wieczna wojna by Joe Haldeman (1 star ratings)

The book is too short and densely plotted or all the characters to be fully developed but the protagonist William Mandella and narrator is very sympathetic and believable. Noe hero is — well, jaldeman he had more depth or dimension, I would probably hate him, but as it is, he’s just a cardboard cutout of a neckbeard’s MMPORG persona. It was powerful, gripping, horrible, funny, disturbing, sad and poignant.

Not straight, because, asexual, but at least not one of those queers! Open Preview See a Problem? Blaine I think its more about colonizing. It’s continued relevance is remarkable, and completely depressing.

I think this is easily its equal, but is often overlooked because it is dismissed as “just” science fiction. I just thought is was a Kick-ass sci-fi story. I couldn’t even push myself to finish it and I hate leaving a book unfinished. Oh also the currency switches from dollars to calories Kcals?


Normally I’m not a fan of restoring cut bits to award-winning novels; I can’t imagine this one without it. A serious contender for my top ten books of all time.

Basically we just watch people adapt to a shitty life in a futuristic war, and nothing happens and sieczna super boring. Everything around them changes fast, as they travel with relativistic speed – the story and the war starts with Vietnam veterans in the s and ends in the 4th millenium. Nema te ocjene koja bi ovo vrednovala! Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Books that focus on the action or thrills of military campaigns are anathemas to me.

And it would be their ultimate victory over me-having ruled my life for so long, to force an end to it. You can’t demarcate space, but you can specify that you’ve conquered a planet by occupying or establishing a base there. I can also wkeczna, from a perspective, how this could be seen as homophobic.

It was my first introduction to Haldeman, is it worth trying any of his other stories out? Reading this again, I think for the third time, reaffirmed my love for this book. His protagonist is the worst part of the book.

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