Joss Ware (Envy Chronicles #) (Beyond the Night, Embrace the Night Eternal, Abandon the Night, Night Betrayed) [Joss Ware] on *FREE*. Buy a cheap copy of Embrace the Night Eternal book by Joss Ware. “Joss Ware’s vision of the future is dark, complex and sharply original. I’m eagerly. Series By Joss Ware; Books By Joss Ware. Most Popular Embrace the Night Eternal. from: $ #2 Night Forbidden: Envy Chronicles, Book 5. from: $

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Simon also finds himself attracted to Sage Corrigan, computer wiz and resident of Envy. Dal disastro, i pochi umani sopravvissuti, avevano dovuto fare i conti anche con alti: But in a world where there’s practically no laws, the government, or what could pass for it, is a bunch of immortal weirdoes and zombies can hunt you, the last thing anyone could afford is to be soft.

Embrace the Night Eternal: Envy Chronicles – Colleen Gleason, Joss Ware – Google Books

Where are the Strangers The concept for the series: He is one good example of the “tortured” hero for me. The descriptions of nigyt building covered in grass, empty broken roads and whole cities under water were great. Sage is a super smart, tech savvy, beautiful young woman who is working to get an underground internet installed in the area, along with her best friend, Theo, and his brother, Lou.

I adored these two!

Sage Corrigan has learned to be careful where she places her trust. What we find out about Falling Creek isn’t good. It’s a freaking series. I am really enjoying this series.


The world has been explained in-depth to the reader in the previous book, so this book was able to delve into the emotional side of things, which I absolutely loved! I really liked the heroine Sage who, eteernal of her heritage, is also an outsider. You could tell that he really cared about making a change for the better in his life and was anxious to treat all people more kindly; his interactions with Theo, his rival for Sage, are a case in point.

Book review: Joss Ware’s *Embrace the Night Eternal*

Sage Corrigan is a computer whiz who uses her vast knowledge to gather any and all information she can find concerning their enemies. After the detailed descriptions in the first book, I was anxious to see what happened with the set of main characters.

She is surprised — and secretly delighted — when Simon is given the job. Simon and Sage make a very sweet embrcae. Perhaps she should feel something for him, but she doesn’t. This one centers around Simon, one of the five men who came through the change unchanged, and Sage, the computer geek that’s a member of the resistance. I didn’t etednal this book to end, I’m still craving so much more of it! They had this quiet brewing attraction that sizzled.

I love post-apocalyptic settings and Embrace the Night Eternal was awesome to eternl. Then Sage, my Second book of this series and I’m still in awe with the world that Ms. Sage is a beautiful computer nerd who has always longed to see some action.


When people tried to coddle her, she got pretty pissed. He really needed to just get past his, well past, and realize that the times have changed and this is his chance to make a profound change in his life. Although, it seems to be a moot point since California has fallen off the face of the earth nkght is now below the Pacific Ocean.

While the books do change POV’s between both the hero and heroine, you definitely get a LOT more into the psyche of the heroes. The five men were kept in some type of stasis or coma in the caves of Sedona for the past 50 years. Simon Japp is a hero with a dark past. We learn about his violent past, as the right hand man for one of Vegas’ biggest mobsters, but we never really learned how he got into that position.

The group found their way to Envy in the previous installment.

Embrace the Night Eternal

Ware was walking a fine line with the triangle. Sage knows that her friend Theo is in love with her. And she is the only thing that tempts him from the stoic demeanor he holds himself to.