The Witches of Eileanan (The Witches of Eileanan, #1), The Pool of Two Moons ( The Witches of Eileanan, #2), The Cursed Towers (The Witches of Eileanan. : The Witches of Eileanan (): Kate Forsyth: Books. The Witches of Eileanan and millions of other books are available for Amazon. Dragonclaw () – released as The Witches of Eileanan in the US. The Pool of Two Moons (); The Cursed.

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Winners are announced in the comments. The witches who survived the Day Of Betrayal are slowly gathering forces, appropriately named, the rebels. The Pool of Two Moons.

The Witches of Eileanan

As usual for this genre, the first book is the best, flrsyth the quality wanes slowly over the course of the series. I think I’ve read Dragonclaw three times now, and even as an adult, I still love this book. The main characters can be grating and annoying at times but the support cast is full of lively and memorable characters, and the world is very well developed.

No trivia or quizzes yet. I loved all the interesting characters and world presented here. I don’t mind the odd Forsytg word Not too bad a read.

I assume the “nan” at the end would be said like the name Seanan.

Kate Forsyth – Wikipedia

She is best known for her historical novel Bitter Greenswhich interweaves a retelling of the Rapunzel fairy tale foreyth the true life story of the woman who first told the tale, the 17th century French writer Charlotte-Rose de Caumont de La Force. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


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If you’re missing some of our book cover images, please pause ad block. Refresh and try again. There was a lot of magic that I couldn’t really wrap my head around.

Witches of Eileanan Series

In fact, it didn’t even take a full chapter to be destroyed almost entirely. Alone and in terrible fear for the future, Rhiannon is haunted by the malevolent ghost of a dead queen who has a hunger to live again. There were plenty of times I wanted to smack the characters upside the head and say think, but at the end of the day the sto I have put off reading this book for ages, for no apparent reason.

I hassled her relentlessly every time a new book came out, and to this day, if she spots it This is my go to series for when I’m feeling ‘done’ with the world. I thought the way the trauma was handled was fine–she didn’t get over it immediately, she was ashamed and wept, but still managed to pull herself together to fight and escape. It is a land ruled by an evil Queen, where sea-dwelling Fairgean stir, and children vanish in the night.

The Fathomless Caves by Kate Forsyth. Shelve The Skull of the World. Read it Forward Read it first. This book was really lovely.

Freelancing allowed her to concentrate more on her poetry and to be President of the Poets Union. One woman battling for a new reign, one woman learning the old ways, their separate threads will twist and turn into a tale of mayhem, mystery, and magic. I received my signed copy of Dragonclaw: So much time is spent with the characters talking about the past, the present, and everything in between.


Besides, it changed my life. After her adventures with the League of the Heali… More. In the land of Eileanan, the Pact of Peace has no… More. As Eileanan nears its darkest hour, Meghan must gather rebel forces to move upon the city of Lucescere.

The Witches of Eileanan by Kate Forsyth

He should have skipped the entire soul-reincarnation bit. Views Read Edit View history. Somewhat har to read for a non native English speaker. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

I did make a solid attempt – had it sitting by the bed for at least 6 months I reckon before finally giving up. There is much backstory to learn and Kate does a great job of drip feeding it into the plot wjtches I was hungry for more. This consists of a character usually oldtelling the story of the history of the world to another character.

It was after this scene that I was able to let myself fall completely into the eilenaan. Nov 13, Rach rated it it was amazing. History buffs will revel in the medieval politics of the series and wish that humans, The storytelling of this high fantasy novel is first class.