Karnataka Management Aptitude Test (KMAT) Question Paper Answers Previous Year Old Paper MBA MCA Free Download KMAT Last. hi myself swetha, recently completed my bca. now whiling to do MCA so please send me the MCAkmat previous question papers of past. For admission to the MBA and MCA universities in Karnataka, the entrance test is Karnataka Management Aptitude Test (KMAT). The Karnataka Private.

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At the end of the test, remain seated. Da Vinci hired muses, jesters and musicians to keep her mood up and jolly while he painted.

They fall into the following categories: Mail will not be published required. Refer to the sequence below and answer the questions that follow. In distributing the time over the sections, please bear in mind that you need to demonstrate your competence across all the sections that you attempt.

We know that, 1. It was two years later, inthat the painting was found while trying to be sold. The average weight of 25 boys is 63 kg. Being painted with oil on pinewood was a hard tedious task. This leads to the dramatic conclusion that we are not and by definition can never be objective! Cindrella walks in first.


There is no negative marking. If every alternate symbol starting from first on the left is dropped, then which will be the 10th element from the right in the resulting series?

KMAT, MBA AND MCA Model Question Paper and Key Answers

B] The employee’s assets should be frozen. Inshe was stolen from the Louvre. Find the odd one out in the given group of kat Ashutosh Gowarikar, writer and director of “Lagaan”, was initially turned down by various producers and financiers. Candidates found violating the instructions will be disqualified.

Perhaps his quaint tale about a non-violent triumph over oppression and humiliation seemed too far from the set formula of commercial cinema. Read the following passages and answer the questions that follow.

Mark [2], if the candidate is to be referred to the Manager-Quality Assurance. To judge a person one must be in a position of authority.

Find the approximate value of 2. Find the total quantity of milk delivered by him. How questiion is Alex from its kennel? For those without job experience, some employers look questino academic performance because 1] they trust the school scores. The Institutes reserve the right to exclude any question or questions from this Test Booklet for final evaluation.

Mark [3], if the data is insufficient to draw the inference. If it takes 6 hrs to travel downstream, then how long does it take to travel upstream and what is the speed of the stream?

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KMAT Question Paper

E does not like LMV motorbike. If every 7th element in the series starting from left is dropped, then how many elements are pzpers such that they have symbols on their either sides?

It gives another option to the couples who cannot have their own children. A person sells two articles of the same cost price such that one sale brings him a profit while the other, a loss. It is most commonly applied to acts that occur in public circumstances, and most formally involves the suppression of ideas.

KMAT Previous Year Paper

A statement is followed by two courses of action, A and B. He then moves 12 km in the North-East direction and delivers 20 coconuts. O is a cousin of F both being grandchildren and of the same gender. The incomes of three members A, B and C of a family are in the ratio 3: