In a few short pages,” writes Francine Prose in her Introduction, “May Sinclair succeeds in rendering the oppressive weight and strength. This short book charts the life of Harriett Frean, from birth to death. She is born into a well to do Victorian tradesman’s family in a London suburb. Life and Death of Harriett Frean: English literature: The literature of World War I and the interwar period: Olivier: A Life () and Life and Death of Harriett.

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Bottom lime, there’s not really a right and wrong choice in life, there will always be ups and downs.

Life and Death of Harriett Frean by May Sinclair

Harriett, having grown up and conditioned to a particular culture and way of thinking, believes that acting “beautifully” is the right and only way of living. I liked Harriet the child more than Harriet the adult, but I wouldn’t if that wouldn’t be true for the vast majority of human ans if I could know harrlett all in both states.

In the end, this is a novel about the choices we make and how we live with them when we can’t go back and change our minds. Bodine rated it really liked it.

Life and Death of Harriett Frean – Wikipedia

As a denunciation of the Victorian-era ideal daughter, dutiful lf the point of total self-negation, liife probably had considerable bite in its era.

But her desire to please did not always end in a happy note, as one of the characters bluntly pointed out to her.


Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Oct 30, Mrsgaskell rated it really liked it Shelves: In her life story, one thing stands out: I could relate to Ahd who often sacrificed what she wanted for what she thought others wanted, and it just resulted in no one actually getting what they wanted.

Books by May Sinclair. Sinclair manages to create a really confrontational novel while keeping it subtle enough to get it published and interesting enough to attract mainstream success at least at that time. She loved the still coldness of the night under the elms, and the strong, tight feel of her father’s arm when she hung on it leaning towards him, and his “There we are!

Sorry, your freann cannot share posts by email. Okay so even though I only gave this 3 stars I’m still really glad I read it.

All of this is told with a linguistic economy and moving simplicity which quietly reveals the lives of millions of Harriett Freans during the restrictive Victorian age.

Jun 05, Shilpi Mittal rated it really liked it Shelves: Clair, a popular British writer who wrote about two dozen novels, short stories and poetry. What a life I would have had if I had been born then, I can hardly bear to imagine. In her mind she is above all of her friends because her father is intellectual, her mother is elegant and she herself is such a good child.

As smooth as proverbial glass, this life unfol This could well be the banner for living a life of quiet desperation. And we saw her life come full circle and it was everything but beautiful thing. The Awakening reads like a smoking gun forgery by English teachers, or a long form Jeopardy question: As she grows older, her life grows narrower, and any sense of adventure or excitement she once had slowly atrophies until there is no ambition and no purpose left in her life whatsoever.


Life and Death of Harriett Frean Reader’s Guide

It is, in its own quiet and understated way, one of the most disturbing novels I have ever read. Paperbackxeath. Jet Eliot January 5, at 3: Sinclair was a suffragist and Harriet Frean is the opposite, a woman who is raised to be “nothing but beautifully behaved.

How xeath society have done this, considered it acceptable to shut women up and leave them with no outlet to develop their interests, skills and intellect, for so long? This book really explores the question of how to do the right thing, and the way that good intentions can lead to bad consequences.

It is a frwan treatment of Victorian repression as well as an examination of the role of women in Victorian society. How could she act selfishly, even if the consequences would save her best friend’s life?

Left to question what the reader would do in Harriett’s place you are left with a lingering doubt